Patchology: The Solution For Dark Under Eye Circles!

Hey Socialites! I’m just going to cut right to the chase: I have found a HOLY GRAIL PRODUCT for my dark circles, and it 100000% works!!! Patchology FlashPatch Illuminating Eye Gels are a Godsend! ??

Patchology Illuminating Eye Gels

I’ve had dark circles under my eyes since childhood, which means that mine are obviously not a result of lack of sleep, or too much/too little caffeine! Mine are the result of a combination of deep set eyes and deep tear troughs,  and the shadows that are produced where my cheekbones “jut out” past my tear troughs.

tear trough
Here’s a good example although I don’t agree with it being a deformity! *Tuh*

So my focus has always been on brightening my under eye area using serums and makeup. I never thought I’d find a product that would truly work for me until Patchology reached out and wanted me to try their Illuminating Eye Gels.  I was skeptical about getting any results, but thought “what the heck.”  I figured I’d try them, review them (good or bad) and go about my life. Little did I know that Patchology Illuminating Eye Gels would be the beauty breakthrough I needed!

Easy To Use

The first thing I love about Patchology Illuminating Eye Gels is their ease of use. Each patch comes in its own separate packet, which ensures portability, and prevents against contamination. The patches are coated in a serum packed with Vitamin C (to soften fine lines and brighten skin tone), Green Tea (to lighten the appearance of dark circles), and Mulberry Extract (an antioxidant that helps to brighten skin). Rounding out the ingredients are pearlescent minerals that give an instant glam glow!

Another thing that I love about Patchology Illuminating Eye Gels is that it doesn’t take a long time to receive results. It only takes 5 minutes for the treatment to work, which makes them perfect to use as a quick boost before heading out on the town,  on an airplane before landing, or for a quick pick-me-up while you enjoy coffee or a glass of wine after work.




I know y’all think I get super excited every time I try a new product, but believe me, I don’t! There are so many packages of freebies and PR items that I get that never make the blog, and I either send them back, or give them to someone that hasn’t different skin or beauty needs than my own. But I can truly say that Patchology is an effective product, and truly works wonders in just 5 short minutes.

Patchology also makes all kinds of skincare goodies, not just limited to eyes! I’m sharing the products I plan to purchase and try out  in the widget below!



*This post has been sponsored/complimentary product by Patchology. 

All opinions are my own!*



See you next time!


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