Preparing Your Garden For The Heat Wave

It’s set to be another scorcher this year and, as a result, it’s important to make sure that your home is ready. However, it’s not just about how you feel inside the home, you need to think of how you maintain the exterior, as well. To that end, here we’re going to look at some of the parts of the garden and its surroundings that need some attention, and what you should do about them.

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Make watering much easier

You want to make sure that your plants and lawn stay well hydrated without being too wasteful of your water. To that end, the best time to water your plants is early in the morning and as the sun is beginning to set. Otherwise, it can be so hot as to evaporate the water before your greenery has the chance to absorb it. You can make this a lot easier on yourself by investing in a smart irrigation system that makes sure to only use as much water as is necessary to keep your plants healthy.

Protect your social spot

If you’re the kind of person to get more from your garden space, then you might have created your own social, dining, or relaxation spot. You might think that the good weather is going to help you get even more use out of this spot (and it might) but you should make sure that it’s not too exposed to the sunlight. Aside from making it impossible to spend too much time in, consistent strong sunlight can start to affect your furniture. As such, consider investing in an awning to give it some shade and perhaps even some covers for your furniture to keep them protected.

Think about your surfaces as well

There are other surfaces that might need some attention to keep them from getting too affected by the sun. For instance, the ground can get so hot that it can be tough to spend time out there for you, your family, and any pets you might have. To that end, there are things like solar reflective paint. When used on road surfaces and others, it can make the ground retain less heat, making it more comfortable and making it less likely to affect your comfort.

Keep your plants safe from heat stress

Heat stress can affect your plants by directly heating up not just the plants themselves, but the soil that they are in. When this happens, plants find it difficult to absorb the nutrients that they need. One of the best things you can do to mitigate this risk is to use mulch at the base of the plants. This prevents the sunlight from reaching the soil, which means plants don’t have as much trouble absorbing nutrients and your soil can retain more of the moisture necessary to help them grow healthy.

You might welcome a little heat outdoors, but you should be well aware of the havoc it can reign on your garden if you don’t keep it in check with the tips above.


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