Some Common Ways That You Might Be Undermining Your Wellbeing


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Over the course of everyday life, most people want to have a variety of different things, ranging from close and nurturing interpersonal relationships, to professional success and recognition, and good health.

One of the most consistent things that everyone wants to experience is – when all is said and done – a sense of well-being. In other words, a good degree of positivity and optimism on an everyday basis, and a feeling that things are good and are ideally heading in the right direction.

Today, the term “self-care” gets used a lot in order to encourage recognition of the fact that personal well-being is important, and shouldn’t be put aside for things like greater productivity at the office.

Unfortunately, though, it’s often through pretty routine everyday habits and behaviors that you can end up undermining your sense of well-being.

Here are some common ways that you might be undermining your well-being.

Not getting restful sleep each night

If you’re not getting enough sleep each night, whether because you are trying to catch up with a work deadline, are watching your favourite TV programmes, or have a household repair issue that keeps you up, and that requires the help of HVAC Services, you are most definitely undermining your own well-being.

Sleep is essential not only for maintaining good health and a strong immune system, but also for proper emotional regulation, and everyday problem-solving.

Research has actually been done which shows that individuals who are sleep deprived consistently rate the faces of others as more hostile than they actually are.

Not getting enough sleep will simply make you more negative and paranoid, while also causing you exhaustion and poor health.

By doing what you can to get more sleep each night, and more restful sleep each night, your sense of well-being can increase dramatically.

Getting too “stuck in your head” and not being proactive enough

For a very substantial number of people out there, stress, anxiety, negativity, and reduced well-being are intimately connected with chronic overthinking, and with the kind of rumination and passivity that gets in the way of enthusiastically seizing life.

If you’re prone to overthinking, and sitting around too much, taking steps to get out of your head and to be more proactive in everyday life, may grant you a whole new lease on life and boost your sense of wellbeing at the same time.

Many people find that exercise routines are helpful here, as well as things like meditation practices, and going for regular strolls. Even working at a standing desk some of the time could prove very helpful.

Trying too hard to be a superhuman parent and not accepting help

Everybody wants to be the best possible parent to their kids, but it is easy to place expectations on yourself to be the perfect parent. Many parents get stuck in the idea of thinking that to be a good parent, they need to do everything themselves. Refusing childcare help and trying to juggle looking after the kids, working, and everything else you need to do can put you under massive pressure and impact your wellbeing. Sometimes, accepting help and arranging childcare can benefit both you and the kids. Registering your kids for activities over the summer break provides you with a daycare solution and gives the kids the chance to try fun activities. As much as they love spending time with you, your kids will probably love the idea of spending a week at an Aqua Surf Camp having fun with their buddies. Accepting help and arranging daycare can benefit both you and your child and mean that time spent together is quality time you can both enjoy.

Getting more caught up in long-term goals than day-to-day routines and experiences

Although it’s great to have a sense of the kind of things you want in life, and the kind of direction you want to head in, getting totally wrapped up in future goals – in the way that many entrepreneurial gurus and others advocate for – can significantly undermine your sense of well-being.

The point is, life only ever unfolds in the present moment, and being too fixated on some aspiration for the future can stop you from seeing the beauty and magic that’s right in front of you here and now.

By shifting your awareness more to your day-to-day routines and experiences – while keeping a sense of the “big picture direction” in the back of your mind – you may find that you end up with a great deal more zest for life.


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