The Cost Of Living In These States Is Crazy Low. Will You Move To One?

America is a unique country in so many ways. But one of the things that separates it from other developed countries is the system of having many states within a larger overall country. There are some low tax states where people can give less of their income away to local governments. And there are places with higher taxes, but more public services. It’s a tradeoff and a choice.  If you’re thinking about relocating and investigating cross country moving companies, then you might be wondering which states offer the lowest cost of living and the best lifestyle. Let’s take a look.


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Nebraska is a state that is famously out of the way. But if you have a mobile job and don’t mind living in the wilderness, then it could be the perfect place. Nebraska ranks as one of the cheapest places in the country to live, thanks to low average home prices, low doctors fees, and affordable energy bills.


Oklahoma is a state just outside of the Deep South. The average price of a home in the state is only $219,000, with many going for much less than that. Bills are low here too, averaging just $147.64 per month. Oklahoma is a great state for people who love active, outdoor lifestyles, home to thousands of miles of trails which lead up into the mountains.


Arkansas is one of the cheapest places in the country to live, thanks to low energy bills and the surprisingly low cost of eating out. Pork sausages are particularly inexpensive in the state if that’s your sort of thing.

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The capital of Arkansas, Little Rock, is expensive, with the average house price tipping $320,000. But if you travel out of the main city and into the countryside, you can pick up a bargain. Costs are exceptionally low.


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Mississippi, lying next to the mighty river from which it gets its name, is one of the most exciting and affordable states in the country, ranking as having the best cost of living by CNBC’s cost of living score. Mississippi is responsible for the invention of the padded toilet set, condensed milk, and Pine-Sol.

Mississippi is one of the cheapest places to live in the country. But why? Partly it’s because of the economic history of the area. Many of the jobs that used to exist no longer do, and people have moved out. The region, therefore, has seen a fall in house prices, making it one of the cheapest places to live. Average house prices sit at around $214,000. Energy bills are about 30 percent cheaper than other states in the Union, clocking in at just $114 per month. If you want to live it up but have a low cost of living, then this is where you should move.

Ever thought about moving to another state to take advantage of the low cost of living? Tell us about it in the comments! ?



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  1. Traveling in a new city and then settling there is not an easy job, one of the most important part its your job, and if ones have a remote job then traveling and exploring different city would the dream come true otherwise it close to impossible, although I love to spend a couple of months in Mississippi 🙂 Thanks for sharing Bro 🙂

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