These 7+ Ways To Brighten Up Your Rooms Will Blow Your Mind!

It doesn’t matter whether you have a small apartment or a large house, one thing that frustrates a lot of people is having dark rooms in their homes. Many folks feel that the only viable solution is to just keep the lights on for most of the day. That, or pray for a clear, sunny day!

Did you know there are actually plenty of ways to brighten up the rooms in your home? Don’t be left in the dark: Now is your opportunity to do something about those poorly-lit rooms! So, what ways can you brighten up the rooms in your abode? Take a look at these examples – they are sure to blow your mind, and you’ll wish you had tried them a long time ago!

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Have bigger windows fitted to your rooms

Just because you’ve got a particular size of window in each room in your home doesn’t mean you have to stick with them! Believe it or not, you can reasonably increase the size of your windows without needing to do major alterations to your property. Consider getting a window renewal by Andersen windows to help brighten up your rooms and save money on your lighting bills. Be sure to select windows that don’t have lots of panes to split the glass up, as they will restrict the amount of light coming into each room.

Have Venetian-style blinds fitted to your windows

When you’ve upgraded your windows, the last thing you want to do is have bulky curtains restricting the light coming into each room. Why have curtains at all when you can instead opt for a solution such as Venetian blinds? Aside from enabling you to flood each room with light during the day, Venetian blinds from will also make your rooms appear bigger.

Have sun tunnels installed in your ceilings

We all know that the sun is useful for all kinds of things like enabling life on our planet and offering a sustainable way to power and heat our homes. But, did you know you can also harness the sun to direct light into your home in better ways than windows ever can? A Velux sun tunnel, for example, can let you bring natural light into every room in your home. Even if you’ve got rooms in the center of your home that don’t have windows!

Paint your walls and ceilings white

If you’re open to the idea of keeping your wall and ceiling colors white, it can be useful in your quest to brighten up your rooms. The thing about the color white is that it’s a simple and passive way to reflect light coming into any room. So, if you’d prefer not to use electrical lighting during the day, and your rooms have windows in them, white walls and ceilings will help to bounce that natural light across all areas in your rooms. Did you know that white paints such as those in Behr’s Premium Plus range are also long-lasting too?

Adopt a minimalistic approach to furnishings

Are you someone that likes to have lots of stuff in each room? If so, your need for plenty of material possessions is possibly harming the brightness of your rooms! Having fewer furnishings in each room in your home will do two things. First of all, it will allow more light (natural or otherwise) to get better distributed throughout the day. And, secondly, even the smallest of rooms will appear larger in size.

Install “daylight” LED lights

Some people might find they cannot try many of the above ideas in certain rooms in their homes. As such, the only option is to stick with electrical lighting. Still, there’s no reason to despair in such circumstances because you can even improve electrical lighting without resorting to expensive electrical wiring upgrades. All you have to do is replace your light bulbs for LED ones rated at 4300K or 6000K. Most can mimic the crisp daylight glow from the sun.

Buy a feature rug for each room

Are the rooms in your home quite spacious? If so, one easy to apply idea for your home is the purchase of feature rugs. Light in color, they instantly transform any dark room, especially rooms where painting the walls and ceilings white is not an option. You can buy rugs in various sizes and with an unlimited array of patterns. You’ll find it easy to seek out stylish rugs from Rugs USA for your rooms and help to brighten those living spaces up instantly.

Install mirrors in your rooms

Another simple and passive way to improve the amount of light flooding your rooms is by using the power of mirrors! As you will no doubt be aware, mirrors are very good at reflecting light. With that in mind, a carefully placed mirror or two in each room can divert natural daylight to brighten up dark corners. You can opt for floor standing mirrors, or hang them up on your walls.

Remove anything outside that blocks your natural light

Sometimes the reason why you might have to live in darkness is due to things outside of your home blocking natural sunlight. Examples include removing tall and wide trees, vehicles, and even piles of trash! In those cases, you should do everything you can within your power to remove things blocking the path of light entering your home. Sometimes, the solution to your lighting problems is easier than you think!

Buy transparent acrylic furniture

Last, but not least, another thing to consider is buying transparent acrylic furniture. You’d be amazed at the types of stylish furniture you can get these days that is see-through. For instance, you can get coffee tables and side tables made not from wood or metal but from clear acrylic.

As you can see from the sections above, there are many ways you can brighten up the rooms in your home. Some ideas won’t even cost you a dime. Good luck, and let us know if you’ve got any other suggestions that would fit in with the theme of this blog post!


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