Top Travel Activities To Do With The Whole Family

Have you arranged to spend some quality time with your family? You might have missed seeing them due to covid-19 restrictions put into place. Now that there is light at the end of the tunnel you can start arranging to see them again and potentially explore new places all together.  Below are four ideas to get out and about with your family members.

Travel activities

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Not everyone enjoys hiking but if you like to be wandering around nature then this is definitely for you. There are so many different hiking routes to take. You can buy map books that give you great trails to explore.

Hiking as a family can bring you closer together and gives everyone a chance to give a little input as to where you are going. Remember to take lots of pictures of the sites you see along the way. This gives you a great way to remember your trip.

If you all live local to each other then you will be able to regularly meet up and go hiking in the local area. 


Swimming is a great family friendly activity and everyone can do it. Even if you have young children they can use buoyancy aids such as armbands or rubber rings.

You could even go and explore some water parks if that is something everyone would enjoy. Water parks offer a range of different slides and fun things to do. There will be something for all ages to enjoy.

Wild swimming is even more fun but this should only be undertaken by strong confident swimmers as you never know when you will hit a current.


If you and your family are old enough, diving is another brilliant activity to throw into your holidays. It lets you get deep under the ocean to explore all of the beautiful underwater nature that’s been hiding from you all these years. 

The great thing is, there are so many fantastic places to go diving throughout the world. Some popular spots that spring to mind include the Kerama Islands in Japan, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, and the Florida Keys. 

Of course, if your kids are too young or you find it too complicated/expensive, you can always try snorkeling instead. It doesn’t give you quite the same experience, but it’s a fun alternative to look underwater and see the stunning scenes beneath. 


If you all enjoy being out in the open on the water then why not explore the idea of kayaking. You can all buy individual kayaks or to save money you can even buy double ones. Double ones are great if you are taking along young children as they can be seated near the adults.  You can purchase map books that give you great kayaking routes. You might have a few favorites but this will give you new and exiting routes to explore.

Be careful when you are kayaking as your belongings can get wet and damaged. A solution to this is to buy waterproof protectors for all your gadgets and devices. A great website to get these from is

Theme parks

If you are all adrenaline junkies then you could think about exploring the option of theme parks. There is always something for all ages at theme parks as that is how they are designed. There will be little areas for younger children  and thrill rides for the older ones.

Be sure there is someone to watch the younger children if the adults are riding the bigger rides. There are many theme parks all over the world you could all go and find out which is the best one. 


We hope this gives you some useful ideas on how to enjoy your time together as a family.


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