Ultimate Mattress Care Guide For Homeowners

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A good night’s sleep is mega important! There is nothing worse than getting up in the morning and feeling exhausted and irritable. If this keeps happening all of the time, the issues can worsen, such as neck pain, stress, and other health problems. This is why it is so vital to care for your mattress so that you can have a good night’s rest. Here are some tips:

Rotate Your Mattress

Most of us have a tendency to sleep in the same position on our bed every night. This can cause uneven wear on the coil springs, which are provided to offer you support. This is why it is a wise idea to rotate the mattress, maximizing comfort through minimizing wear. In the early days, you are advised to rotate your mattress every 2 weeks. Once you have had the mattress for 12 weeks, turning it once every two months will suffice.

Buy A Mattress Protector

One item that is guaranteed to extended your mattress’s life is a premium mattress protector. This will also aid you in preventing an invasion of bed bugs while also stopping mildew, mold, and dust mites too. Search for a mattress protector that is waterproof and breathable too. Why waterproof? Well, the bulk of mattresses have layers that include polyurethane foam. Moisture and weight can result in this form to lose its resiliency, which is why it is recommended to select a waterproof mattress protector.

Clean With A Mild Detergent

When cleaning your mattress, avoid harsh chemical removers. This will only cause problems. They will only result in the mattress fabric being degraded, as well as the materials underneath it. Rather, a mild detergent will be more than enough. Otherwise, you can utilize soap and a clean cotton cloth that you have used some cold water to dampen.

Do Not Utilize A Board Between The Mattress And The Boxspring

For an unknown reason, it has long been thought that placing a board in between the mattress and the box spring causes it to become firmer. If your mattress has got to the point where you are thinking about doing this, it is likely an indication that you should simply buy a new mattress.

Be On The Lookout For Bed Bugs

Bedbugs are most typically located in the seams of a mattress. You can get eco-friendly pest control to help with this. Unlike most people think, bed bugs don’t care if you are dirty or clean. There is a myth that these annoying bugs are only drawn to dirty bedding. Bed bug bites can result in red and itchy bumps on the skin, so you will quickly realize if you have an issue. You can make certain that it does not get this far by frequently spraying your bed. It will only take a small amount of time, but it can make a big difference overall, so it is something to keep in mind when caring for your mattress.

If you follow the tips mentioned above, you can ensure that your mattress lives a long life and that you enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep in the process.


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  1. Honestly the most disgusting thing in mattress are bed bugs. Recently, I came through a situation where there was a lot of bed bugs and molds were hidden in my mattress and getting rid of them was a very painful process. I highly suggest everyone to take care of these little beasts before they takeover your resting space.
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