What Should You Post on Instagram In 2021


If you have an Instagram account with many followers you may be stressed at times wondering what is good to post. The social media landscape has changed considerably over the past year. Social distancing has led to less opportunities to take photos in public, and new social apps like TikTok have leached users from Instagram. When it comes to keeping your Instagram relevant, you don’t want to keep posting the same things, and equally you want to engage your audience and add value to their experience. If you are low on ideas try the tips below to get the creative juices flowing.

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A Tutorial 

Your followers on Instagram will likely come from all walks of life, and depending on how niche you are, they will probably follow your content for one particular reason but that doesn’t mean you can’t add value to your content by diversifying where possible. One good way to do this is with a tutorial. 

Tutorials are everywhere on social media, but they have NOT lost their value. Think of something you do particularly well. It might be excellent eyebrow makeup if you’re a beauty blogger, or a great way to make patchwork jeans if you blog on fashion. Even if these things are not on your Fans Accounts, they can still make interesting clips for your followers to tune in to.

Exercise Tips

It’s well known that exercise can improve your wellbeing and cognitive functions and with so many people spending time in front of screen and on Instagram you could set a good example and encourage them to get more active. 

Why not create some Instagram posts that follow you on your daily exercise routine. It can be a chance to display a fashion line as well or demonstrate some of the routines you talk about on your blog. This kind of post will be inspiring and motivational. Expect plenty of hearts.

A Favorite Holiday 

If you’re like most people you’ll have a huge stash of holiday snaps old and new. These might be on the cloud or even non-digital copies from long ago. The good news is they don’t have to go to waste, you can utilise them on your Instagram feed to generate interest and gain new followers. 

Frame a series of posts as Your Best Holidays Ever, and post one or two snaps per week. You don’t have to focus on one holiday, just re-frame your posts if you want to show more. Tag your photos with relevant information so that viewers can  easily follow them.

What’s in Your Bag? 

Ok so yeah…we’ve seen “What’s In My Bag” posts ALLLLL over social media. They’ve been done…and then done some more. LOL. But what continues to make these posts relevant is that the items you showcase can always reflect the *current* trends in makeup, fashion, etc. You can show off your own character or personality on Instagram by varying the style of bag also. Try something that isn’t done as frequently such as a gym bag, an artist bag, etc.

Morning Routine 

What kind of morning person are you? Do you wake early and do morning yoga and meditation followed by a healthy smoothie, or do you lay in till late and check your Instagram stats before making coffee and going to the gym? 

Whatever morning routine you have will be interesting to your Instagram followers. Take photos and write tags or make short montage videos that show off your lifestyle. These posts are always popular and inspire others.

What have you done to keep your Instagram fresh and active lately? Let me know in the comments!


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