What To Do When Your Clothes Stop Looking Good On You

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No matter your style preferences, it’s fair to say that your wardrobe matters. Even aside from appearances, feeling confident in your clothes choices is crucial for your comfort. Not to mention that with your outfits being the first impression that most people will make of you, wearing the right stuff can help in both your personal and professional life. 

These are probably priorities that you’ve built your existing wardrobe around, and the chances are that these clothes have been meeting your needs for a while. But, one morning, you come to put on that favorite sweater and realize something strange – perhaps you catch yourself wrong in the mirror, or the neckline just won’t sit right. Whatever it is, your old favorite suddenly doesn’t look as good as it used to. So you change it and go for something different. But, that, too, suddenly feels wrong.

We’ve all been there, and you’re sure to feel despairing by the time you’ve worked through your whole wardrobe and found nothing that feels right. But, instead of spiraling into the fashion-based abyss, we’ve got a few pointers on what you can do when your clothes suddenly stop looking good on you.

Step 1: Consider whether it’s a style shift

As humans, we’re constantly evolving, and so are our style preferences. Let’s say that you’ve got a largely vintage wardrobe, but you’re shifting towards a more modern personal style. You might be able to make those older pieces work for a while, but there will undeniably come a time when your clothes just don’t feel like ‘you’. And, when that happens, it’s hardly surprising that you hate what you see after you’ve dressed in the morning. Luckily, this isn’t a reflection on your appearance in general, or even the clothes themselves. It’s just one of those things and is probably a sign that you could do with stocking a new, more suited style of wardrobe.

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Step 2: Focus on your body

If your style hasn’t changed, then your body might have. After all, gaining or losing a little weight can completely change how your jeans sit, or how that sweater lays across your chest. And, those infinitesimal changes are likely to be wardrobe-wide. Luckily, this is good news if you want to save a little money, as it means that your clothes themselves aren’t the problem, but something still needs to give. 

Doing what you can to get your body back where it was is your best option here. This could mean embarking on an exercise routine, or changing what you eat. Equally, if you want your clothes to look good on you again more quickly than these options might afford, you could opt for body sculpting solutions like the non-surgical tummy tucks offered by REJUV Med Spa. Either way, start your journey by considering where your clothes no longer sit right, what could be causing that, and the best ways to change it. 

Step 3: Change your attitude

For obvious reasons, we often consider the whole picture of an outfit, without breaking it down to its parts. In reality, though, there’s a lot more to what we wear than just…well, what we wear. How we hold ourselves can also make a huge difference to an outfit’s overall appearance. You felt frumpy or unflattering in one outfit, so you subsequently held yourself that way as you tried on everything else. And, the chances are that you’ve been making the same mistake ever since. So, why not try changing your attitude? Try your outfits on again but with confidence, hold your shoulders higher, keep your head up, and see whether it fixes the issue that you can’t quite put your finger on.

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Step 4: Get serious about styling

If you’ve seen an outfit too often, or feel that your workmates or friends have seen it too often, then it’s natural you’ll feel self-conscious and unflattered by the outfit in question. In reality, though, there’s a whole lot that we can do to change up even the most overworn of outfits. You simply need to consider how you could use accessories to mix it up and add a much-needed refresh. For example, pairing a new belt with those jeans can help you to see them in a totally new way, while adding a fashion scarf or great necklace to your old tops can help them to look as good as new. Play around, see what happens, and you should find that you don’t hate your wardrobe that much after all. 


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