Why A Staycation Should Be Next On Your Agenda


Vacation planning can be bittersweet. On the one hand, you’ll often find it exciting to think about where you want to go next. But, on the other hand, vacations can be expensive, stressful to plan out, and give you too much choice! Should you go to Mexico or Miami? Or maybe you want to head out skiing or hiking? When you feel stuck for what to do, it can make you feel as if you just want to give up planning out the vacation altogether. And this is why the idea of a staycation can be so appealing. You don’t overly have to be too selective about where you go, you stay close to home, and you can often save a bit of money too!

Explore Your Local Town

So first of all, one of the coolest things about a staycation, is that you get to be a bit of a tourist in your own town – or one close to you. When you know that you live in a great area, but you never get a lot of time to explore it, then this gives you the opportunity to do exactly that. Maybe there’s attractions that you never get time to see, like a local museum? Or maybe there are new restaurants that you want to try, but never get to? Now you finally can.

Save On Travel Time

For a lot of people, especially if you have a family, the idea of traveling can be one of the most daunting parts. You won’t always want to travel for a long time, and have to deal with jet lag as a result. But when you’re on a staycation, you don’t have to deal with that at all! This essentially means that you have so much more vacation time to enjoy.


Enjoy The Experience More

When you’re not focusing on the destination, you can put your thoughts, time, energy into the experience more than anything else. So here, you can plan out great things to do. Look for places that do the best food, that offer dinner theater, and even see great local shows. Think about how you can get more out of the experience without having to adjust and get to know the area first.

Mix Up Your Travel Style

One of the best parts of this, is that you get to do something different. You won’t always have to do the same kinds of things that you would when you head to a city or the beach, and that can feel quite refreshing.

Save More For A Later Date

And one of the best parts? When you decide to go on a staycation, you’re more than likely going to be saving yourself some money. While this may not be the main reason that you want to do this, it can be a bonus. Maybe you want to go out on a big trip next year, or you’ve always hoped you could go somewhere but you feel like you couldn’t afford it? Well, saving a little on this vacation could mean that you have the money ready for the next!

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  3. I honestly haven’t tried staycationing yet, but lately i’ve been feeling so tired that i’m tempted to go on one! Hopefully my first experience would be great 🙂

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