Why You Need A Reading Room + How To Set It Up!

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You wouldn’t necessarily consider a reading room to be one of those vital extensions to a property. But while it can seem like some sort of a luxury, the right reading room can add so much to her house, whether it’s in your attic, or you’ve got a spare room that’s desperate for a makeover, the right reading room can do wonders. You may not consider it essential, but the right reading room can do so much, not just for the house, but for yourself. So, with that in mind, what do you need to set up a reading room efficiently, and why do you need one to benefit the entire household?

A Place To Escape

A reading room doesn’t necessarily have to be for the purposes of reading, but it can be an escape from the trappings of modern life. If you’ve got a very busy household, or there are people back and forth constantly, you may feel that need to escape from whatever is going on in your life to sit in a place of peace and quiet. Ultimately, a reading room provides such an enticing escape from your problems, that you can go into this purpose-built space, and not even get a book out, but just sit there and relax, and enjoy the silence. But naturally, a reading room does suggest that you should read on occasion, but if you want to make the place a more generalized room that serves numerous purposes, a reading room has a very warming essence that you can use to entice you away from the more modern aspects of the home, but also you can go there and just relax.

Lighting The Space

As a reading room is likely to be used for the purposes of reading, you want to have a decent amount of light. Too much and it can be overwhelming, but too little, and you’re not going to be able to see what you’re reading! It’s a delicate balance, and it’s all about how you’re setting up the space in the first place. For example, are you going to read on a sofa, an armchair, or one of those comfy bean bags that you can sink into? When you start to pick out the key features of the space, and how you intend on reclining, you can then start to think about what else you need to decorate the space, but also find the best lighting for your needs. The obvious answer is to get a dimmer switch because if you install one of these, you’re able to control how strong or moody you want the lighting. As you can control the brightness, this means that if you really need to sit up and focus, you’ve got a very bright option so you can concentrate. This can be very useful for those that are studying or need to do those all-important life admin tasks that you’ve not had the opportunity to do because you haven’t had 5 minutes to yourself.

A Comfy Room

While a comfy room is predominantly about the furniture you install, you need to think about what else will make it relaxing for you. If you have not thought about the right colors, it can be quite a dilemma. Should you go with color schemes that work well with the rest of the house, or should you turn this into an entity all in itself? To ensure that you have a comfy setup, it’s not just about the furniture, but it’s about the furnishings. So, what do you want to achieve from the room? If you want that welcoming and nurturing space, it’s important to go for the more rustic approaches. And this is especially true when it comes to furniture. Something like a coffee table works so well with an armchair and a little desk lamp, that you can transform a very small cubby hole that served no purpose into a nice reading nook. But if you’ve got a larger room, you’ve got more opportunity to experiment. But this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to completely overwhelm the space. A handful of furnishings will do more for the room than completely overload the space. After all, you want it to be comfy, not stressful. But think about the colors that will calm you down as well. You can very easily go for calming blues or delicate browns on the wall, but if you want to calm down, it’s also about adding those comfy sensations; a rug in the middle of the floor, throws, and plenty of cushions can do the job.

Escaping Technology

And, arguably the biggest reason to have a reading room now, especially if you find yourself overwhelmed in every aspect of modern life is that you can use a reading room as a way to escape technology. Let’s face facts, we’re always thinking away, and waiting for a phone to vibrate, and if we feel that were always on edge, waiting for the next “like” or comment, how are we ever going to relax? Using a reading room can make you go back to the very basics. You can set yourself a couple of rules, and banning technology might very well be one of the best options. By having a sort of time capsule in your home, where, as soon as you step through the door to this room, you’ve got a gateway to the past, where there are some books, an armchair, and only your thoughts, can sound like a very appealing prospect. As such, this may be something you want to come back to again and again.

If you never thought that you needed a reading room, it is just a good term for something that provides respite from modern stresses. As a busy person in life, we can all feel that we need to switch off from whatever it is that’s stressing us out. And sometimes we can’t feel that we are able to escape this in our own home. Set up a reading room and you’ve automatically got a space to escape to.


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