Winter Beauty Favorites + Giveaway!

Hey Socialites! I try to do a beauty post on a weekly basis, but life has been hitting me pretty hard, and I got a bit behind. Mea Culpa!  Anyhoo, I wanted to do a complete round-up of ALL the beauty products I use to get me through the winter. I cannot stress the importance of taking care of your body from head to toe during the winter, because the cold weather,  frigid winds, and drying effect of using heat in our homes and cars can have disastrous impacts on your skin, hair, and nails! With over 6 weeks of winter remaining, here are my winter beauty favorites for maintaining healthy skin, moisturized (and static free!) hair, and strong & long nails!


Over the summer, haircare is so easy! A quick wash in the shower in the morning, and a bit of leave in conditioner and gel to define my curls. But winter is not quite so easy! Wash and Go’s would leave my hair dry and crisp in winter, so I not only have to switch my styling, but my go-to hair products as well. I rely on rich deep conditioning masks like this one during the winter, and I do them every 2 weeks! In the interim, I use this conditioner when I have time to deep condition, and this shampoo and conditioner when I don’t! All of these products really control dryness, and keep the frizz to a minimum. Since I like to keep my ends covered and protected during winter, I normally style my hair in a sleek low bun everyday. I use this moisturizer (don’t laugh, it works!), and this gel! If ya’ll want to see my sleek bun tutorial, or my wash and go method, let me know in the comments! Scroll through the widget below to snag all the products mentioned above, as well as a few other winter beauty favorites!


I just recently posted about this super hydrating nighttime treatment, and it has been essential for maintaining the moisture balance in my skin! For day, I am using this facial wash, this serum, and Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion.  I know, I know…I’m cheating on Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream, but I am on a debit card diet right now, and trying to save more money! With that said, the Magic Cream is a must have if it’s in your budget!


In winter, I continue to stick with the rich, earth tone shades I begin incorporating in fall.  I do make adjustments to my foundation (when I wear it! LOL), because my golden undertones begin to show up more in winter as my summer tan fades away.  Right now, I’m using this foundation. When I want something with a little more glow, Light Wonder Foundation by Charlotte Tilbury is my go to! The Too Faced Chocolate Palette is still my favorite for winter, and it helped me to create the nude and brown makeup looks shown below. For lipsticks, I love this, and this, but I also play with fuschia shades like this YSL oil-in-stick formula, because the contrast is so nice with winter white! Scroll through the widget below for more makeup winter beauty favorites!


Every winter  my nails would typically become very soft, dry, and would peel like crazy. Everything I googled indicated a vitamin/mineral imbalances, but it was awfully interesting to me that these issues only occurred in winter. I went to Sally’s and after speaking with the sales attendant,  I decided to give this product a try!  This product is thick, shiny, and gives results in a less than a week. I have noticed a 100% improvement: My nails are strong, they no longer peel, and I finally have white tips!!! (I was never able to get to that point without them splitting, peeling, or breaking off!) I also use this product every night before bed, and it helps to keep my cuticles smooth, and my nails moisturized and strong! Finally, I use HandMD Daily Dual Repair to fight dryness and visible signs of aging.

winter beauty favorites


I’m giving TWO lucky readers a $50 gift card (each!) to Sephora, so that you can snag a few of the winter beauty favorites I mentioned above! It’s not much, but it’s my way of saying thank you for being a loyal and loving community! Entering is super simple (I won’t make you jump through a bunch of hoops!) Here’s how to enter:

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And that’s it! Best of luck!


See you next time!



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