10 Nineties Trends We Love Right Now

The 90’s are like totally back y’all! Yaaaassss…the era of Clueless, Half Baked, Cruel Intention, and The Craft! A time when fashion ranged from preppy, to stoner, to evil Catholic Schoolgirl, to Juicy velour tracksuits and Manolo Blahnik Timbs (late 99’s-early 2000’s) Whew child…the nineties trends were such a mixed bag! ?

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In terms of fashion, the 90’s are often overlooked in favor of the flashy clothing and hairstyles of the 70’s and 80’s (glitter disco anybody?), but the 90’s had some serious style innovators: J.Lo, Lil’ Kim, Misa Hylton-Brim, Drew Barrymore, Paris & Nicole, Rachel Zoe, Destiny’s Child, and Britney Spears. I can still remember my daisy chokers, high heeled jelly sandals, super low cut Frankie B. jeans (early 2000’s), Von Dutch Trucker Hats, and high heeled sneakers ?. As you can tell, I’m super excited that designers are beginning to use a lot of those 90’s inspirations, and for all the street style choices that are trickling down as a result. Here is my list of 10 nineties trends that are totally making a comeback!

1. Calvin Klein


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I’ve been seeing so much Calvin Klein all over Instagram, and I am here for it! From bloggers like Laura Beverlin (pictured), to actresses like Candice Patton posing in her “Calvins”, Klein is experiencing a nice little revival. I’m almost tempted to start wearing CK One perfume again!

2. Poison Ivy Style


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Drew Barrymore created so many fashion moments in the 90’s! Her turn in Poison Ivy really put her on the style map for me. I had to have been like 9 years old, but I knew those skirts, fitted dresses, and satin shirts were hot!!! The cute little jumper and Oxford shirt, chunky boots, and dark sunglasses worn by Savannah Patrone (pictured) reminds me soooo much of the hip schoolgirl vibe captured by Drew Barrymore.

3. Camouflage 

Camouflage is so hot right now that even the fashionistas known for feminine, flirty style haven’t been able to resist incorporating it into their fall street style! Gone are the days when sporting the camo made it seem you were ready to enlist, or go hunt up your dinner. Now, you can throw on a camo jacket, like the one pictured here; a camo skirt, or a camo sweater and jeans.

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4. Corduroy

Corduroy has returned in a big way, and I ain’t talking about the bear! I wore a lot of corduroy in the 90’s, but I was young, so mine was more Osh Kosh B’Gosh than haute couture, but oh well. I’m just happy to see all of the corduroy jackets, skirts, and bags that are hitting runways and city streets all over!

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5. Beige Babe

Coming off the heels of the 80’s, monochrome looks were it in the 90’s, and I’m glad to see the trend returning! I am loving the return of head to toe beige, burgundy, and yellow! Check out this look worn by diana_mudre. Can’t you just see Kris Jenner rocking this back in the 90’s while living her best Caucasian life out in Calabasas?!!

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6. The Stylin’ Schoolgirl

This look hit big in the 90’s thanks to Alicia Silverstone’s Star making turn as Cher in Clueless, and Britney Spears backflipping her way into our hearts in the Hit Me Baby One More Time video. But for me, it was when Carrie Bradshaw totally turned a Lolita moment into street style genius:

The messy ponytail/scrunchie combo is what sealed the deal!

I can’t really wear a little short skirt like that, seeing as how I have the complete opposite of ‘thigh gap’, but I love how style bloggers like delightfully_deligne are able to keep this look relevant (and chic) in 2018. The long blazer, and the mix of colors and prints really help this look remain sexy, but not slutty!

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7. Flower Power

Once again, Drew Barrymore is making this list for making flowers cool in the 90’s. If Blossom made the sunflower popular, Drew singlehandedly shot the daisy into the stratosphere! I didn’t know any 90’s girls who (when taking a break from black chokers and lipliner) did NOT have a daisy somewhere on their body. This cute little dress worn by Deanna brings to mind fond memories of those lazy daisy days gone by! So glad to see this coming back!

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8. The Fanny Pack


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Ok, so now they call them belt bags, but sorry Gucci! ☎️ The 90’s called, and they want their fanny packs back. I don’t get why these went out of style (alright, alright I get it), but seriously, who can do a theme park without one of these babies?!! And look at the way my girl Rina is effortlessly slaying this belt bag with this sexy little black dress! I love that all of the haute couture designers are bringing these back. I mean, sure, they’re like $800 bucks and up, but thanks to ‘Trickle Down Fashionomics’ the cheaper version opportunities are endless!

9. Overalls


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These ain’t OshKosh B’Gosh…Nooo…the modern overalls are figure hugging, sexy, and on full grown woman status! I love the way that Rochelle has paired hers with a crisp white button down, and the eternally chic classic trench. The styling choices really elevate this 90’s staple into a 2018 best dressed do!

10. The Ankle

The ankle never got quite as much shine as it did in the 90’s. In my high school, every girl had that fake tribal tattoo around their ankle ? and in 1999, every cool girl had an art student draw that rosary bead tattoo (inspired by Cruel Intentions) above their foot. For me though, the thin, gold ankle bracelet will always have a spot in the nineties trends hall of fame! The ankle bracelet was typically seen on a certain type of older woman (read: sexy and sophisticated) who would cross her legs, show the ankle bracelet, and let her stiletto pump hang off her toes just so. I knew I wanted to be her when I grew up!

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So, it goes without saying that this list is not definitive. Pretty sure that bamboo earrings (at least 2 pair), white Reebok Classics, Yin Yang jewelry, bodysuits, and butterfly clips (yes…I’ve seen them creeping back out!) should have made this list, but I had to pick 10. ??‍♀️

What are some your favorite nineties trends that are returning? Drop me a line below! ??

See you next time!


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  1. Great Blog I loved the 90s.

  2. I’m loving the ankle bracelet trend!

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