3 Reasons Why a U.S. Vacation Can Be Just as Good as an International Trip

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Ask most people what their ideal vacation looks like, and they’re likely going to paint you vivid pictures of lounging around on the beach with colourful drinks and the sun blazing down, in some foreign far-flung island paradise.

On the other hand, they may be more into the rustic climes of Northern Europe, and they may tell you all about how they’d love to visit Andorra, or the Swiss Alps, stay in an authentic log wood cabin, and go skiing every morning while taking in the bracing mountain air.

What they’re probably not going to do, however, is to turn towards you, crack a beaming grin, and tell you that they’d love to do a local U.S. holiday.

For many people from the U.S., the idea of doing a U.S. vacation is more often a second-rate option than the adventure of choice.

That’s a shame. Here are just a few reasons why a U.S. vacation can be just as good as an international trip.

The U.S. is almost like a collection of different countries (with a shared language)

Think about it for a moment; the U.S. is, in many ways, a lot more like a collection of different countries who all share the same language (and a lot of the same laws) than it is one single country.

Look at the different countries of Europe, for comparison. France, Spain, Germany, Poland — they all have pretty distinct and pretty unified cultures, but are nonetheless no bigger than many U.S. states (in fact, many European countries are much smaller than that).

The U.S. is a truly enormous country, and there’s a whole lot of variety to be experienced. A trip spent in a hotel in Kulpsville, Pennsylvania, is going to be completely different from a vacation to Alaska or Texas.

Take the time to experience the wonderful variety of the country.

It’s a great excuse to do a road trip

One seriously compelling reason to do a U.S. vacation is that this makes it much easier to do a road trip, and as everyone knows, road trips can be some of the most amazing kinds of adventure-trips you can have.

There’s just something about driving your own vehicle around from place to place, waking up somewhere new everyday, and picking up souvenirs as you go.

It makes you feel like someone from a film.

Your friends are more likely to be able to tag along for the ride

If you’re an American, and you live in the U.S., a U.S. vacation is much more likely to be the kind of thing that you can successfully involve your friends in.

Solo vacations can be great, no doubt about it, but having some of your best pals with you as you write new memories, and have incredible experiences, can be a life-changing experience.

The thing is, it’s unlikely that you’re ever going to be able to convince many of your friends to cross the globe with you on your travels. Driving down Route 66 on the other hand? Much more doable.

See ya next time!

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