Giving Back Is Good For You: Here’s How

When you’re feeling weighed down by assignments, bogged down by deadlines and pressured by people around you to do well in college, you blow off steam. It’s like the staple reaction of college students: to party hard tonight to forget about the difficulties of the day. The thing is, blowing off steam feels good in the moment, but it isn’t a feeling that lasts long enough to be a good one. The best way to combat this, is to do things that are going to make you feel good for an extended period of time, and one of those things is giving back to others.

Distraction comes in the form of partying when you’re going through a heavy degree to achieve something before you are booted into the wider world. However, it is important that you choose your distractions wisely, so that you aren’t going for self-destruction because you’re stressed out. One of the things that you could be doing instead is giving back and volunteering your time. for example, volunteering or raising funds for charities like Cane Bay Partners is a far better use of your time and energy than partying until 4am and feeling rough for the entire week afterwards. You should be channelling your efforts into things that not only make you feel good about yourself, but that encourage others to feel good, too. So, here are the ways that giving back is good for you, so that you can start looking at other ways to destress when student life gets too much:

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Lowered Blood Pressure. There are a lot of things that can happen in our day to day lives that make our blood pressure shoot up. Volunteering usually means being active and can help you to create a form of exercise that lowers your blood pressure and balances your activity levels.

Longer Life. Almost everyone wants to try to live longer, and if you’re taking the time out of your life to volunteer, you’re going to find that you increase your health. Planting trees, building houses after a hurricane, hosting camps for children who need to stay busy; all of these things contribute to an active and healthy life.

Happiness. Giving your time to someone else who needs it is a sure-fire way of making yourself feel happy that doesn’t involve a hangover or a grease-filled junk food fest afterwards. That feel-good feeling isn’t one to be missed and you can attract way more positive energy to your own life when you give back.

Stress. As a student, you’ll be familiar with stress and how it can affect your day to day life. Giving back takes your mind off that while relieving some of the tension that accumulates when you’re busy working for your own future. You can connect to others and it can help you to think straight.

Giving your time to a cause makes you a better person but giving your time to others for yourself makes you holistically and physically healthier. Make giving back your chicken soup; it’s soul food.

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