4 Simple Ways you can Put Your Happiness First

In the past, people would say happiness is a feeling, but it is now clear that happiness is a choice. The choices you make will determine how happy you get and how long the happiness lasts. If you have been struggling to find and put your happiness first, you are not alone. So many people around the world struggle with the same thing too. The good news is, there are some simple things you can do that will help you choose your happiness over everything else. Here are our top picks.

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Write down your achievements

There are times when you feel like you are not doing enough for yourself. It can be frustrating for you and make you slow down even more. If you realize this pattern, make a habit of writing down what you have accomplished each day. You can make a short list or have a detailed one. Looking back at the list at the end of your day will help you realize that you have done more. It is the better alternative to ticking off things on a to-do list.

Spend time doing what you love

Many times you realize you have been walking around gloomy because you are doing things to get by. While quitting your boring job might be out of the question, you need to find something to look forward to.  You could choose to travel more often when you are on break, and the memories you create will have you looking forward to something. It might also just be binging on a TV show you like when you get home. Whatever you do, just find something that will keep you going on those tough days.

Put yourself first

Whenever it comes to decisions and compromises being made, always ask yourself, “how does this benefit me?” In doing this, you ensure that no matter the consequences of your actions, you choose yourself. While putting other people first is a noble thing, it can be draining. You will get frustrated more times than you can count. Most, if not all, people put their needs first, and it helps if you think about yourself a little more when making decisions as well.

Strive to grow and not to be perfect

One of the things that gets many people is, they think they need to be perfect. The issue with this is, you realize, no one is perfect, and it is our imperfections that make us human. Whenever you think about your progress, whether it is in your career, relationship, or spiritual life, think of it in terms of how much you have grown. Growth can be measured, and you will find happiness in being able to accomplish more. With measuring growth, you also avoid feeling like you fall short just because you made one mistake.

Your happiness lies in the decisions you make. It might take some unlearning, and you will need to cut back on unhealthy habits, but it will be worth it at the end of the day. Start with the way you look at yourself and how you go about your day and find opportunities to put yourself first. Before you realize it, you will be able to say yes to things that make you happy and say no to things that do not.


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