4 Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Summer

Its summer! The weather is nicer, and the days are longer. For many homeowners, summer is time to do some rejuvenation. It offers an excellent opportunity to usher in constructive changes. Typically, for many people, the journey to get your home ready for summer starts in the Spring. They eliminate all irrelevant items and usher in summer with a minimalistic notion.

get your home ready for summer

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So, if you really want to embrace the warm weather around your home, here are some clever and proven ways to do so.

Prepare the Windows

You could be really missing out on many benefits if your windows are old. Windows play a significant role, from blocking UV rays to helping you lower your utility bills. Therefore, make sure that you seal any gaps in the window framing and check that everything is working. You can do this by opening and closing the windows several times.

In addition, wash your windows on a cloudy day; cleaning the windows on a sunny day means that you will have many streaks on them from the solution you are using.

Inspect the Roof and Clean out the Gutters

After the snowy winter and the leafy autumn, there is a lot of debris in the gutters of your home. It is, therefore, an excellent idea to clean them out even before summer starts. You can get a professional to do that for you or do it yourself. Try using small plastic or metal trowels to have the job done, and don’t forget to wear protective clothing.

On the other hand, your window might have been affected by the weight of the winter snow and ice. Make sure you check the roof for any damage. However, inspecting your roof for damages means you won’t be able to notice some underlying issues, like a damaged roof structure. In that case, the best thing to do is to leave it to the professionals like TPO Pros Roofing & Restoration.

Check your Air Conditioner

Investing in an air conditioner for summer is not enough. You will have to ensure that the filters are checked at least after every three months. And if you have a pet, you should change the filter after every two months. In simple words, change the filter if you have anything that affects the indoor air quality.

The location of the filter is usually near the air vent in the air conditioning unit. Try unscrewing the nuts and remover the filter. Take note of the filter’s size and model. If it is filthy, get a new filter from the manufacturer and replace it as needed.

Paint the Exterior of Your House

The early days of summer are the best time to paint your house. Make the painting process easier by checking the weather first; you should not carry out this activity during very hot or wet days. Also, ensure that you replace any rotten siding and coat the area you intend to paint over.

Bonus! Revive your external space with plants and trees

Revive your outdoor space by planting some plants and flowers. Not only do they add natural beauty to your home’s exterior, but they also filter toxins, allowing you to breathe cleaner and fresher outdoor air. They also regulate the temperature, so you can spend time outdoors without feeling too hot. You can even take it further by planting trees that serve as shaded outdoor spots. For this you can buy trees online if you’re too busy to visit your local garden center. As a tip, choose low-maintenance plants if you don’t have enough time for gardening.

Bottom Line

Preparing your home for summer might seem like an unnecessary and challenging task. However, the financial benefits will overcome any feelings of being annoyed or tired. Cleaning your windows, checking the air conditioner, cleaning out the gutters, and inspecting your roof for damages will help increase the value of your property while at the same time helping you lower your utility costs during summer.


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  1. You made a good point about the relationship between air conditioner filters and indoor air quality. By the way, poor indoor air quality can cause ailments such as respiratory diseases, eyes irritations, headaches, and even heart problems.

    Thanks for sharing such valuable information!

  2. Yes, regular AC filter cleaning is crucial in terms of maintaining good air quality in a home. While it’s recommended to clean them once every three months, it rather depends on the type of filter you use. Some filters are more durable. So, check the recommendation on the packaging.

  3. I want to add one more thing related to the air conditioning. If you have pets, yes, you’re forced to change filters more often. You should also consider buying HEPA Filters. They are the best option if you’re looking for something that reduces pet dander or traps fine particulates. According to this article https://servicetoday247.com/air-filtration/, HEPA filters trap 99.97% of all particulates and prevent them from circulating throughout your home.

  4. I see you’re suggesting to seal any gaps in the window framing – that’s great! In order to make the cooling of your home even more effective this summer, improve the walls insulation or just look for any cracks around the house and seal them with caulk. Any cracks in the walls or ceilings will allow the cooled air to escape which requires the air conditioner to run more often to keep the rooms cooled off. According to this source https://www.sandersandjohnson.com/save-money-ac-efficiency/, proper insulation can reduce your energy costs by 25-50%.

  5. Also, make sure your air conditioner works efficiently. Otherwise, you may be forced to spend lots of money on the cooling of the house.
    Here are some things you can do to improve your air conditioner efficiency and lower your utility bills: https://www.edelmaninc.com/4-tips-to-save-money-on-air-conditioning/.

  6. Yes, AC maintenance is an important thing. According to this article https://www.dashservice.com/little-rock-ar/ac-services/, it’s recommended to have your AC system maintained at least once a year.

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