3 Easy Ways To Get Kids Into Art

Art is a very expressive activity that can often help young children communicate how they feel and think. It’s quite a great exercise for parents who want to know what’s on their kids minds, to give them an art set and let them have at it. However, some kids are not as creative as others and some are, but they struggle to get it all out onto the paper. So, that should get you thinking about how you could get your own child to learn to love art more? It’s important to not force it onto them and also, to not purely make it about play. It can get really messy really quickly that way. Here’s how to get your kids into art the right way.

Get Kids Into Art


Art gallery    

A great way to get your kids into art is to go to an art gallery and seek a guided tour. Art is not natural to most of us, even though we find it interesting. The guides in the art galleries will teach your children about the period of history the paintings, drawings and sculptures were made. They’ll also know who painted and created the art pieces, what type of person they were, when they began to be artists. Most of all, they will learn what the pieces mean. Historical paintings were smartly made, it wasn’t just painted onto canvas. There were political, cultural, social and economic messages in the art that have to be learned to truly appreciate the pieces. A guided tour for kids is something you should look for near you.

Make it fun

To make it easier for your children to like drawing and expressing their thoughts, why not just make it fun with a game? Pictionary is the tried and tested family fun game that will trigger all the right thought processes and get their hands moving to draw. If you’re struggling for pictionary words, use this generator which also can be used as a timer. The word will be generated when you click as the clock will tick down as soon as that has happened. This makes the game fairer and takes the guesswork out of it. Choose between easy, hard, really hard words which will take some thought before drawing.

Helpful books

Last but not least, get them some drawing, sketching and coloring books. It’s something that you should not just throw at them and let them go at it whenever they want. It should be a child-parent activity, whereby you both complete a picture. Any child can color in a book, but when a child is taught about colors, why certain colors go where, how to create shadows and how to imagine shapes and features, is how they grow up to love art.

It’s easy for a parent to give their child an art set, but it’s another to teach them to love art and expression. These are some ways you can begin, but there are plenty of other ways too.



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