5 Home Tips For A Profitable Airbnb Rental

Are you ready to monetize your property? Turning a spare bedroom into a rental project can be a source of income for homeowners. However, as pandemic anxiety is still very much present, you need to equip your rental to reduce physical interactions. In other words, rather than letting a bedroom inside your home, you could convert the basement or the top floor into a self-sufficient rental. Most guests will prefer separate access to the rental. When it comes to functions, keep the space simple and purposeful. A private bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen area are all it takes to turn your basement into an Airbnb gold mine.

For guests, renting a private space within the same property is reassuring. They are guaranteed to reach out to an interlocutor if something breaks or goes wrong in the rental. Additionally, they also know there’s always someone at home, which makes the place more secure. So how do you bring your rental to the next level on the Airbnb platform?

5 Home Tips For A Profitable Airbnb Rental

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Get professional-quality pictures

The appeal of Airbnb is the simplicity of use. Guests can rent a place in a few clicks. However, it means that you need to make your rental appealing for the online platform. One keyword for you: PHOTOS. Taking quality photos from the property is a no-brainer. Yet, while it’s obvious, not everyone gets their photos right. First of all, you don’t need to invest in a professional camera device to get all you need. Smartphones have high-quality cameras that are ideal for the job. The most successful Airbnb rentals tend to stage the scene for the pictures. Staging the place means creating a live-in decor that makes people want to book. Use pillows on the couch, add a vase with flowers, let the sunlight in, etc. These simple tips make your rental welcoming.

Maximize natural light in every shot

As mentioned above, you should let the light in via your photos. What does this mean? Firstly, you should schedule your Airbnb photoshoot during daytime, choosing preferably the morning hours to get the most of the clear light. Depending on the orientation of your rental, you might want to experiment with midday and afternoon sunlight too.

Another key issue is avoiding unwanted shade and shadowing effects in the photos. As a photographer, your position compared to the sunlight will play a crucial role. Additionally, decor choices can also make the rental appear brighter or darker. For instance, in a small rental, it can maximize reflecting surfaces, using bright paint colors and mirrors to make the most of the natural light. Old structures, such as an old window, could clash in a small place. Marked glass panes can obstruct the light passage and expose the rental to infiltration and break-in risks. You’d be surprised to see how much professional Renewal by Andersen window replacement services can brighten the space.

Create a relaxing spot

Guests want a place that’s peaceful and soothing. Most short-term guests are either tourists or business people who’ve got busy days. The last thing they want is to feel cramped and stressed out in the rental. They want to be able to sit down and recharge their energy. Including relaxing photos can be a unique selling point that will boost your rental presence on the Airbnb platform. What does relaxation look like? It entirely depends on your property. Some landlords like to focus on a cozy chair in a quiet corner of the room. Others want to show off their beautiful backyard with fragrant flowers and homegrown fruits and vegetables. There is no rule as long as you make sure to build a spot where your guests can let go of their worries.

Bring in the tech they need

Relaxation doesn’t exclude technology. On the contrary, tech can be integral to relaxing activities. Most guests will expect to have a broadband connection in the rental, so do make sure to provide free access to secure WiFi for them. You can change the rental password after every visit. A TV with access to popular streaming platforms, such as Netflix, is a nice touch too.

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Make it homely

A home away from home, that’s what the perfect rental should feel like. A home is welcoming because it is a tasteful and safe place. So don’t be afraid to add thoughtful touches. You can pack a simple hamper of essential items, such as a small milk bottle and some homemade granola for breakfast. You could also offer your guests the opportunity to share a meal with you when they arrive, which can be a lovely welcome for travelers after a long day on the road.

Photos and positive reviews will sell your Airbnb rental. Indeed, Airbnb is essentially an eCommerce platform for accommodations. Therefore, you need to beat your competitors by featuring what guests expect from their ideal rental. From homely additions to clean and natural sunlight, create the luxury rental you want them to enjoy.


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