7+ Ways To Improve Your Lifestyle In Your 30s

Welcome to the third decade of your life! You might feel like you’re in your life’s prime — or you could feel like you’re slowing down a touch. You’re smarter, and you’ve lived a little more of your life, either way. Ideally, you’ve succeeded in getting out of your system some unhealthy habits like partying all weekend and spending all of your spare cash on new footwear or handbags. To give you some hints and tips on this new and exciting stage of your life, here are 7+ lifestyle changes that you should consider in your 30s to nurture your body and mind wellness, and lay the groundwork for lasting success.

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1. Begin to love yourself more

Loving yourself and being happy in your own skin is crucial in your 30s as you settle into adulthood and everything it involves, including debt, jobs, a life partner, and maybe even a child or three! Begin valuing and praising yourself because you are amazing, intelligent, and successful, and you’re doing the best you can with the resources at your disposal.

2. Start working on your personal goals

You’ll likely have targets and deadlines to meet in your job. Well, it’s essential to set some achievable goals in your personal life as well. We all need something to aim for in life, otherwise, our lives would be without meeting and feel somewhat pointless! Don’t hesitate to start building your dream life.

3. Give up smoking

If you enjoy de-stressing by having a cigarette or 30 each day, you ought to kick the habit and pursue some healthier alternatives. Going “cold turkey” works for some folks, but not for everyone. There are many options you could consider like vaping, which still gives you a nicotine fix but without the added toxins prevalent in cigarettes. Plus, things like vape supplies are so much cheaper than a packet of cigarettes, so you’ll save money as well as feel healthier!

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4. Chase your dream career

Let’s face it: the last thing anyone wants to do is waste their life away working in a dead-end job. We all have a dream job or career that we’d like to pursue, so this is something you should do in your 30s too. Don’t be someone that gets old and resents themselves for not following their dream career aspirations.

5. Stop trying to compare yourself with other people

We are all different. Even identical twins don’t have the same thought processes or the same dreams, hobbies, or things they hate. The trouble with today’s modern digital world is that it’s easier than ever before to compare ourselves to other people. Comparing yourself regularly with others causes immense psychological stress and can blow your self-confidence out of the water.

6. Be happy with what you’ve got

Feel tranquil, positive and fulfilled with everything you have, instead of being angry and jealous of others. It would help if you regularly took the time to reflect on your life so far and how much you’ve achieved. There are people out there that haven’t got a fraction of what you’ve acquired so far. Being humble and feeling blessed is better than striving to want more all the time because of a fear of missing out.

7. Have no regrets

Yes, there are undoubtedly lots of things in your life so far that you wish you’d have done differently. And, sure, changing the way you’ve actioned certain situations may well have produced different results. But, the only way we learn in life is from our mistakes. With that in mind, you should have no regrets about what you’ve done from day one until today.

8. Eat healthier

There is no denying that most people tend to eat foods that have little nutritional value and damage their health. These days, we live in a world where convenience is the order of the day. We cram in so much into our work and social calendars that we leave little time to eat healthily. As a result, obesity rates go up, and so too does the diagnosis of medical conditions like heart disease and diabetes. Eat healthier, and you’ll feel healthier!

9. Have a more active lifestyle

Do you lead a sedentary lifestyle? If so, it’s time to get off that chair and start exercising! The good news is you don’t have to break a sweat to get more active. Making some simple changes, such as walking to nearby destinations instead of driving, can make a big difference.


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  2. Interesting article and i found it very informative. I believe vaping is the beneficial way for smokers which helps them from harmful disease.

  3. Very interesting post. I prefer vaping over smoking.

  4. Thank you for focusing on how important it is to love yourself and take care of yourself. That’s a very inspirational post!

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