The Ultimate Guide To Preparing For A BTS Comeback!

Updated on 4/28/2021

It’s happening folks! It’s BTS comeback season! A new single “Butter” is set to drop on May 21, 2021, and just like with a full album release, there is a calendar of promo accompanying the single release. “Seasoned” ARMY’S are beyond excited and have already begun mapping out the best strategies to take advantage of all of the new content that will be released with the comeback. However, for those who are new to BTS and ARMY, comebacks can be a little confusing and a bit overwhelming. Buckle up and read this guide to preparing for a BTS comeback!

Know ALL 7 Members

There are 7 members of BTS, and as a baby ARMY, you’ll need to know each member’s physical appearance, their role in the group, and choose a bias. The quickest way to learn? YouTube!

Stream, Stream, Stream

The best thing about K-Pop (ok, besides the music and the insane visuals) is that it’s just plain fun, and a BTS comeback is NO exception. Of course, you’re going to stream the new single and MV the minute it drops, but you can also get into the spirit of things by watching all of BTS’ prior music videos, comeback stages, and dance practices. Try to learn the choreography! Catch up on episodes of Run BTS! or Bon Voyage that you may have (not likely) missed! Engage with others through YouTube and Twitter. Which leads me to…

Critical Apps You’ll Need

I’m sure most of you are already familiar with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, and already have them downloaded. If not, do so now, so that you can interact with other ARMY. If you don’t want to post BTS comeback related information on your personal social media pages, create a fan account! Amino is another great app where you’ll be able to freak out with other ARMY on the day of, and following the comeback.

You’ll also need Weverse. Weverse allows your to connect with BTS ARMY all over the world. The app also allows you to purchase OFFICIAL BTS comeback merchandise directly from BigHit. You’ll use Weverse to preorder your copy of the album, as well as any special edition merchandise associated with the comeback. *Note: if you’re an American or International ARMY, you can help BTS chart by purchasing the album through iTunes, or through select retailers such as Amazon, Target, or Walmart.

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If you’re the only one in your family or circle of friends who listens to K-Pop, a BTS comeback will not be as engaging as it is for the folks who have a Twitter timeline FULL of ARMY and their hilarious tweets. Only fellow ARMY will understand your need to wake up at 5AM, stream the comeback video a bajillion times, or endlessly discuss your theories of the concepts. You can find ARMY through Twitter (start with searching hashtags/trending topics such as #BTS, #BTSComeback, #BTSIsComing), or follow those who have posted on BTS’ official Twitter account!

Facebook is another great source for linking up with fellow ARMY, and is a good way to find ARMY who are local to your area. Do a general search for BTS groups. IMO, the best group on Facebook is Purple Stars Around The World…ARMY!

You can also find ARMY on websites such as reddit (the official BTS community is r/bangtan), or AllKPop.



Time Zones Matter

ARMY is everywhere, so it’s up to you to determine South Korea’s timezone in relation to your own. South Korea is pretty much a day ahead of me in EST, so I have to wake up around 3AM my time to be able to stream and blog about BTS comeback content! Set your alarm, and prepare to get no sleep! Take off work if you need to, because it really is that serious.

Set Up Alerts & Notifications

Ok, if you’re like me, you turn off notifications because it is soooo annoying to have those dings popping up all day. But during a BTS comeback, you’ll need to have your notifications on and popping!  If you have a favorite YouTuber (for me it’s totally BrisXLife) or an ARMY who’s tweets are everything, just turn on notifications for them only. Make sure you are following BTS on all official channels, as BigHit is known for pulling surprises, and you don’t want to miss out on critical announcements, or pop onto to Twitter hours after a trending topic has lost a bit of steam.

Know The Schedule

Here’s the official map of BTS Comeback dates provided by BigHit. Make any travel plans as soon as possible, or if you are a blogger/vlogger, amend your work or school schedule to one that will allow you to provide cutting edge content to your fans within a quick turnaround.

BTS Comeback

A BTS Comeback is a truly exciting time for baby and veteran ARMY’s alike! Have fun, enjoy the community, and stay away from any online arguments. Keep it positive, support our boys, and appreciate all the talent and love they share with us!

Are you excited about the BTS comeback? What are some of the things you do to prepare?

Share them below, and share this post with other ARMY!




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