9 Rules For A Successful Family Road Trip

When you are planning your family vacation, you are likely to get input from older kids about what they want to do, and any family vacation should have an element of fun, and element of education, and it should be easy for the parent to manage. No one wants to be so stressed out by their vacation that they need to book another vacation to get over it, right?

Family vacations have to be the way that your family makes memories, comes together to enjoy a little bit of life and truly falls in love with the world. Vacations are the chance to teach your children that there are other cultures, other ways of living and other meals out there that differ from the ones that they have every day. Children seeing the world from a young age are those that have a better appreciation for new things and experiencing new environments. One of the best ways to incorporate all that into a vacation? Well, a road trip, of course!

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A road trip lets you choose more than one vacation destination in a set period of time and gives you an interesting way to see all the places that you want to see. You get to spend time with your children on the road, seeing the sights and getting really stuck into nature – so why wouldn’t you want to plan one!? The thought of being stuck in a small car with your whole family for hours and days on end may sound like a recipe for disaster, but really it could be the best experience you ever have. Firstly, you don’t need to road trip in a small car – you could instead head over to www.RVWholesalers.com/forest-river-rvs/ and check out the RVs you could choose to road trip in, instead. These RVs are comfortable, larger than the average car and gives you all a chance for a sleep space and a bed for the night rather than booking into several hotels. It’s also a good way to carve out a trip full of landmarks you want to see while remaining comfortable. Long travelling with children isn’t always smooth sailing, so we’ve put together these 9 tips to help you on your way.

Thou Shalt Pack Snacks

When you are on the road, nothing slows your trip down faster than constantly stopping. The cries of hunger and thirst need not be the case, though, because you could bring individual snack portions for each child for the entirety of the trip. RVs also have the capacity for refrigeration and cupboard storage, so you can pack as many snacks as you like for everyone and store them correctly.

Thou Shalt Provide Activities

Whether you decide to plan stops along the road for the sake of fun, or you want to keep the kids entertained while in the vehicle, you need to provide some kind of entertainment. You can bring magnetic boards along for Pictionary, you can draw train tracks on them, you can even provide tangram puzzles on them. Just make it fun and interesting!

Thou Shalt Use Thy Imagination

In the absence of activities, your children need to be able to keep as entertained as possible. There are plenty of games that you can play on the road to entertain them and yourself, without resorting to blind bags or screen time. Check them out:

  • I, Spy, where you spy something, give either the colour of the object or the first letter, and everyone guesses what it is.
  • Counting Cows, where every time you pass a field of cows you count the cows. If you pass a graveyard, your cows die and the game begins again.
  • The License Plate Game, where you make a phrase from the letters of the license plates you pass. This is more for the older children, though!

Thou Shalt Get To Know Each Other Better

Sometimes, plain old conversation is the best way to keep everyone entertained and busy. The opportunity for conversation is hard at home, with activities and school and screen time keeping everyone busy and apart. In the RV, you have a table to gather around, where you can chat and laugh and generally enjoy each others company. Tell stories and help them to learn a little more about themselves and what they like.

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Thou Shalt Share The Load

There’s not much harder on the road than needing to sleep, but that’s the beauty of a road trip: you have someone with you to switch out when you’re getting exhausted. Assign a timetable between you to choose who is driving and when, and you’ll be able to enjoy some peace on the road at designated points. Sharing the load is important for a stress-free and safer time.

Thou Shalt Expect Everything

Pack a car sickness back up pack, a potty for road trippers that are learning on the go and a list of emergency phone numbers. You cannot plan for every emergency, but you can still anticipate what’s going to come next. You’re on the road and you need to prepare for a level of the unexpected, so that you can void a crisis and keep on your way.

Thou Shalt Sing & Dance

Crank up the tunes and drag out your best karaoke voice. You’re not really on a road trip unless you’re having a good singalong together in the RV! Let the whole family help plan the playlist in advance, and you all get a chance to have your say.

Thou Shalt Keep The RV Clean

The RV that you’ve spent money on is going to spend a chunk of time on the road, which is bound to gather quite a bit of trash. Every stop, give the whole TV a spring clean and dispose of all rubbish and everything that you don’t need.

Thou Shalt Nap

Lastly, you need to sleep. Plan your drive time to include naps for everyone, and you will have a much happier time on the road!


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