9 Incredible USA Road Trips You HAVE To Take

US Road TripPhoto by Edgar Chaparro on Unsplash

If you’re looking for a staycation with a little bit of a difference, why not consider a US road trip across some of the most beautiful states in the country? America has so much to offer and there’s no better way to explore it than hitting the road.

Whether you’re planning your next family holiday or taking a road trip with friends, these nine incredible road trips should definitely be on your bucket list! Pack your bags, grab your car keys and head off on your next adventure…

The Blue Ridge Parkway

The beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway road trip makes its way through the gorgeous Appalachian Mountains all the way from Virginia, ending with a trip down to the Smoky Mountains National Park in North Carolina. If you’re looking for a fall getaway, the changing of the leaves make this an even more stunning road trip.

Route 66

Route 66 is definitely one of the most famous highways in the US as it was one of the first numbered routes. Before numbered highways, American roads were recognized by colored bands on telegraph poles – making it much more difficult than it is today. The route stretches 2,451 miles from Chicago to Santa Monica, with lots of incredible historic stops along the way! 

 If you’re planning a road trip across the whole of Route 66 it’s important to ensure your car is safe. Make sure it’s been recently serviced and is free from any major worries, helping prevent road traffic accidents while travelling. If you’re worried about a road traffic accident here are some lawyers that represent car accident cases.

The Overseas Highway (Miami To Key West)

This incredible road over the ocean crosses an amazing 42 bridges in its complete journey from Miami to Key West, the final link in the chain of the Florida Keys. With stunning views and incredible stops along the way, this is one road trip every American should make at least once in their life.

New York To Boston

By starting your road trip in the Big Apple and driving up to Boston, you’ll be hitting some of the East Coast’s most famous cities. Passing through both Connecticut and Rhode Island will give you a chance to experience some of the most scenic parts of New England. For a more incredible trip, visit during fall!

San Francisco To Utah

The journey from San Francisco to Utah is an absolutely stunning one, with stops including Lake Tahoe, Yosemite, Death Valley and Vegas. This road trip has such a jam-packed and adventurous itinerary, making it perfect for thrill seekers and party animals!

Pacific Coast Highway (San Francisco to LA)

The drive from San Francisco to LA takes you along the famous Pacific Coast Highway. Driving entirely along the coast you’ll get to see some of California’s most gorgeous coastal towns. From the small seaside towns of Monterey and Carmel-by-the-Sea to the fascinating coast of Big Sur and Garrapata State Park – this road trip is definitely one to remember.  

Chicago To New Orleans

This drive takes you right through the heart of America (from top to bottom), giving you a musical route through an incredible 6 different states. Beginning in the Windy City, your route then finds your travelling you towards Lincoln’s birthplace in St Louis. From this point, you will head towards Memphis; the home of rock’n’roll and Elvis’s ‘Graceland’ mansion.

The Las Vegas Loop

This particular trip starts in the bright lights of Vegas, then takes you through the incredible open desert of Arizona and Utah. This particular road trip takes you through some of the most stunning views of the American desert, with long, straight and empty roads for miles. Whilst it’s a great road trip to take, it’s advised to avoid this route during the warm summer month due to high temperatures.

Monument Valley

If you want to experience life as a cowboy, the route through Monument Valley is definitely a must see. Taking Route I7 our of Phoenix, passing the Grand Canyon then heading towards the Arizona/Utah border is the best way to take this route – and definitely the most rewarding in terms of views and scenery. Again, it’s best to avoid this trip during the summer but don’t worry, it will still reach high temperatures throughout the rest of the year!

Have you ever been on a US road trip? Where did you go? Let us know where you have been in the comment section below!





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