After Holiday Skincare RX!

We’ve all been there: That period right after ChristmaHanukKwanzaa and the New Year celebrations when your skin begins to reveal the aftermath of a month of stress, shopping, late nights, and drinking. If you’ve looked in the mirror and seen dull, lifeless, and red or irritated skin, I’ve got your after holiday skincare RX!
If you follow me on social media, you know I’m a hardcore believer in the 12 step Korean Skincare routine. In fact, I’ve written about how I modified my own routine down to 10 steps. You might be thinking that you don’t want to deal with 10 or 12 steps to rescue your skin at the moment (after all, we’re still in a pandemic and the majority are covering up with a mask anyway), so here are a few of my tried and true products that will get your skin back to baseline, and give you a healthy glow!

Skincare RX: Cleanser

No matter how busy we get, this is the one step you can never skip! Typically I oil cleanse first, and then follow with a foam cleanser. In the interest of saving time, skip the oil cleanser, and use a foam cleanser or a good balanced cream cleanser. Choosing the right cleanser can begin tackling your skin woes at the first step! If you’re suffering from redness or irritation, use a calming cleanser with green tea or aloe. If your skin is dry or dull, use a rich cleanser that will avoid stripping vital oils from your skin.

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Skincare RX: Toner/Essence

skincare RX

Using a good toner or essence is the key to rebalancing your skin’s pH and moisture balance after cleansing. I will continue to sing the praises of Korean essences, like Missha’s Time Revolution, as they are gentle, provide additional cleansing of skin after initial washing, and they contain fermented ingredients that penetrate the outer layers of skin to provide nourishment. However, drugstore toners work just as good at balancing skin, drying up excess oil, or depositing moisture!

Skincare RX: Serum

Skincare RX If you haven’t added a serum to your skincare routine, you NEED to! Face serums are powerhouse products that are usually loaded with a high concentration of vitamins (typically A or C), acids (Hyaluronic or glycolic), and rich moisturizers. Serums can help brighten the look of dull skin, minimize the appearance of acne scars or dark spots, address signs of aging, and boost the volume of your skin in delicate areas like those around the eyes. Honestly y’all, out of all my skincare products and steps, serum is THE most important item for me! Here are my favorites:

The Final RX: Moisturizer

Stress and Alcohol can totally zap your skin, and both seem to be a staple of the holiday season. LOL. If you’ve been partying it up, you need to pamper your skin with nourishing moisturizers that can sooth dry skin without clogging your pores or aggravating blemishes. The good news is that moisturizers don’t have to be too fancy or expensive, as there are lots of staple drugstore moisturizers that do the job just fine. Key things you want to look for in a good moisturizer are an oil free formula, the inclusion of ceramides or humectants, and a non-tacky, absorbable formulation, like these:


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  1. Wow what amazing skincare tips! I think your recommendations are definitely some great shouts. I find many of my clients struggled with mainstream brands though which brought me to develop me own natural, organic skincare range with NO preservatives. The face masks come in powdered form which work as both a cleanser and toner. Definitely steam the face beforehand to open the pores, mix your mask powder with water at a ratio of 1 tablespoon powder to 1 teaspoon of water, apply to face, allow to fully dry, wash off and close pores with cold water. My clients and customers all rave about these as there’s a different blend for everything. From acne, to rosacea, younger skin, combination skin, sensitive skin, skin boost. You name it, Rainbow Enrichment covers it!

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