Top Tips On How You Can Keep Your Home And Family Safe

Home safety and security play a large part in the stability of a home. A homeowner’s most valuable asset is his or her home, both financially and emotionally. Be it peace of mind or family protection, ensuring that one’s abode is as secure as possible will help maintain the value of the property and provide comfort for those who live within its four walls.

keep your home and family safe

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Home insurance deals with coverage for damage to property and liability issues resulting from potential accidents on the premises. In addition, most homeowner policies cover events such as fire, theft, vandalism, weather-related damages, and some health-related issues such as carbon monoxide poisoning.

Here are some safety and security tips that all homeowners should consider:

Secure Your Windows And Doors:

Windows are easy targets for intruders since they’re usually left open during the day to take advantage of natural light. Many homeowners have been surprised by burglars breaking into their homes through a window that was left open just a few inches. Make sure all windows that can be accessed from the outside have sturdy locks or other security systems installed, including bars if necessary. Doors should have deadbolt locks, and door hinges should be on the inside.

Secure Valuables In A Home Safe Or Safety Deposit Box:

Anything you can’t carry with you, such as jewelry and important documents, should be kept in a secure place like a home safe or safety deposit box. You might also consider installing security systems for your valuables that link to an app on your smartphone, so you’re notified if there’s movement when someone is supposed to be there.

Make sure all family members know how to use the locks and triggers of each alarm system.

Make sure that every member of your family knows how to use any security alarms installed both in and around your house. If they don’t know how it works, either teach them or consider having it re-installed.

Install an outdoor security camera:

No matter how much you trust your neighbors, you can never be too careful about who’s watching your home when you’re not there. Therefore, it is imperative to consider all security solutions available. Outdoor security cameras are the perfect solution to keep an eye on the exterior of your house, so you know what’s going on at all times. In addition, cameras come with night time recording options, so they’ll do double duty even after dark.

Add Locks On Sliding Glass Doors:

Sliding glass doors are common targets for burglars since they’re easy to break into. To make it more difficult, consider adding deadbolts or security bars that prevent the door from opening more than a few inches at most. If you can’t afford any exterior changes, keep the door locked even when inside the home.

Set Up Smart Lighting:

You’ll want to add outdoor lights with motion sensors, so intruders aren’t able to get close enough without triggering them first. Smart lighting and scheduling is flexible and only cost a few dollars per bulb. You can also choose lights that come on when they detect motion, helping to scare away would-be burglars after dark.



  1. Great tips here! Thank you for sharing such valuable content!

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