Beauty Regimes & Busy Lives: Exploring The Simple Solution

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Indulging in a beauty regime is inherently relaxing, providing you with the time to sit back, focus on your own needs, and forget the outside world for a while. Whether it’s carefully shaving your legs, getting your mascara application just right, applying a face mask, or sitting with your hair in a turban while a deep-conditioning treatment does its work, a little pampering can be good for the soul, and the results of such efforts can be a great confidence boost too.

Unfortunately, going through an extensive beauty regime tends to be a little time-consuming, which is fine – perhaps even preferable – if you actually have spare time available. Given that most of us lead lives that are incredibly busy, finding the time to go through a long-winded beauty routine is next to impossible. The negative consequences of this can be difficult to deal with; not only do you miss out on the soothing pampering experience itself, but you’ll struggle to look and feel at your best too.

So what’s the solution?

Look to simplify your beauty regime as much as possible. This statement may initially sound like we’re suggesting you should abandon your beauty regime, but this isn’t the case at all; as we’ve discussed, there are merits to indulging your love of beauty, and most women experience a confidence boost as a result of their efforts – so there’s no need to deny yourself these benefits altogether.

Instead, simplification seeks to deliver the same benefits as a standard, longer beauty regime, but in a less time-demanding way.

How is this possible?

To simplify your beauty regime without outright removing elements of it, there’s one word that becomes the key focus: longevity.

A considerable number of beauty-related tasks are short-term. If you apply mascara in the morning, it will have to be removed in the evening. If you shave your legs, you’ve got around a week before the regrowth starts to become obvious. If you deep condition your hair, you’ll get a couple of washes before the benefits of doing so essentially vanish. This means that you’re essentially trapping yourself in a constant cycle of repetition, which in turn tends to mean that these elements of your beauty regime become more of a chore than a self-indulgent, confidence-boosting experience.

How can you achieve longevity in your beauty regime?

Thankfully, we live in an age where longevity is relatively easily achieved. Here’s a few you might want to consider:

  • To ensure every day is a good hair day, you could opt for extensions; most good extensions will last for six months, saving you a huge amount of time washing, conditioning, and styling your locks.
  • To remove unwanted hair, abandon the razor or waxing strips and opt for laser hair removal service for skin areas such as your legs or upper lip. Laser hair removal lasts for far longer than alternative methods, providing a long-lasting solution that can benefit you for years to come.
  • You can also opt for treatments such as microblading or eyelash extensions, both of which can last up to three months at a time
  • It’s also helpful to look for two- or three-in-one products, especially in regards to skincare; the fewer lotions and potions you have to apply on a daily basis, the better

Final thoughts

By ensuring the commonly-repeated beauty “chores” are already taken care of, the time you do have available for pampering can actually be used for pampering rather than routine maintenance – essentially providing you with the best of both worlds. Enjoy!


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