Gift Guide: Gifts For Men

*Hey Socialites. Today’s gift guide is actually going to be a blog takeover, with gifts recommended and carefully curated by my very own husband, Mr. Raymond Stanfield! Since this is a takeover, I’m just going to let him have at it!

Happy Holidays people! I’m Raymond, husband of Amber, who you know as The Suburban Socialite. I’m very happy to take over her blog today (seriously, she’s always working on it and I wanted to know all of the hidden mysteries and inner workings of it all.)

While I was looking for a Christmas list to give to my wife (lol) it came to mind that I needed to make a blog post to represent for us Men. So I checked out some of my favorite stores online (like Nordstrom, where I always shop with my grandad) and found some great items! I’m not going to lie, my list is a little shoe heavy (I’m a shoe-head) but I think I got a little something for everybody. Here is my list of the best gifts for men:

gifts for men

1. Cole Haan Warren Apron Toe Derby (Great reasonably priced shoe that is perfect for church of work.)

2. Dove Men’s Care Extra Fresh Gift Set (I use this everyday and it works great. Sometimes I switch it up to the Hydrating Formula if Amber tell me I’m ashy. Both work great!)

3. Clinique for Men Daily Intense Hydration Starter Kit (This is a really good face wash set for under $15! Amber got me into face wash when me met, and I like the way my skin feels after I use this)

4. Adidas Pureboost Go (I really like Adidas, and this shoe is simple and not too flashy. I’m not really into Jordan’s or expensive sneakers, but they need to be nice. Your man will love this pair.)

5. Versace Dylan Blue Eau de Toilette (My grandfather put me on to this one, and I only pull this one out when I have somewhere nice to go. Amber loves it! It’s perfect for holiday parties.)

6. Jack Black Beard Oil (I’ve been growing my beard for a while, and oils keep it strong, healthy, and prevent it from looking patchy. If he has a beard, he will appreciate this.)

7. Ugg Ascot Slipper (This is a great Christmas gift for lounging around the house.)

8. Steve Madden Sacha Buckle Strap Boot (The older I’ve gotten, the more I appreciate a good boot. I would wear these with jeans, but I can also wear them to church with khakis or slacks.)

9. Chilkat Evo Waterproof Insulated Snow Boot (I probably wouldn’t have put another pair of boots on here, but we just got 12 inches of snow where we live. I was outside trying not to mess up my nubuck boots. Men need snow boots like this to shovel snow (and take out the trash, or get the mail, or whatever else y’all make us do.)

10. Bose Home 500 Bluetooth Speaker (This is top on my list for real! We have the Alexa home mini, and I love that thing. But I like listening to my music and Bose has the best sound quality, so I really want to try this one out. This works with Alexa too.

11. VIZIO 60″ Ultra HD HDR Smart LED TV (I keep trying to tell Amber that we need a bigger TV in our bedroom. Ladies, listen to me. Your man will love you if you get him a 60-70 inch TV. Even if he already has one!

12. Super Nintendo Classic Edition (Maaaaan this takes me back, and I want one so bad! I have a PS4, but sometimes you need to play those games we played in middle school. And Nintendo means Mario, Zelda, and Donkey Kong. If he’s a gamer, and he doesn’t already have this, he’ll love it!

13. Bose SoundLink Around-Ear Bluetooth Headphones (Like I said for #10, Bose=great sound. These are perfect for working out, walking the dog, or watching movies.)

See you next time!


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  1. This is an awesome list and right on time! It’s good to hear from a gentleman what men “really” want for the Holiday!

  2. Thank you so much Happy Holidays

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  4. I really loved your website and your idea of gifts for the holidays . All the products are very useful for a gentleman for completing their style. Your gift guide is also looking very good and useful. Thanks for providing this information.

  5. Those snow boots are perfection.

    Its never easy shopping for the man but anything in the sport-related field is a win.

  6. Good collection of products of gifts for men. Very good post.

  7. An amazing list for men! I can’t wait to pick some of them for my hubby. It would be such a cute gift for him. Did you check organic beard kit? It gives you a combination of unique styles with a great set of grooming tools! Thanks!

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