Best Ways To Declutter Your House

You know that it exists.  You know that it is looking you straight in the eyes.  You know it is time to declutter your house. But, where do you even begin?  What should you keep and what should be tossed? Can’t it just wait another day?  Any type of small changes to your home can make a big difference.

The sense of relief that will overcome you once you have decluttered your house will make all the time and effort worth it.  There is no better feeling than looking around and seeing a completely clean and organized house. Today is the day to get started…


Rent a Trash Bin

There is nothing that will spark the motivation to declutter your house than to see a large bin sitting in your driveway waiting to be filled up.  And, you can look at it as a challenge. How quickly can you fill that bin? Many places like offer great bins as well as tips on how you can best utilize the bins.

Start by Feeling Good About Yourself

Go through your closet and bureau and decide to give back to good will.  Really look at what clothes you hardly wear or even forgot about it. Fill as many trash bags as you can with clothes that you can donate to those who are less fortunate.  It will be a good self-esteem booster to get the decluttering process off on the right foot.

Create a List

Develop a list of things that you will need to attack at your home.  Decide which parts of the house really need to be decluttered. Some will be quicker and easier than others, but at least you will have a plan.  Number the things on the list that need to get completed and then randomly select a number to work on each day. This will help to keep you from feeling overwhelmed at the idea of having to fully attack for an entire day.  One number at a time to accomplish and you’re done for the day.

Change Your Perspective

Instead of looking at this task as being undaunting, change your perspective into thinking that this task will be life-changing.  It will give you the opportunity to throw out big items that are taking up space, donate some of your rarely used items to charity, and help you sort out where to put the valuables that you can’t part ways with.


If thinking about decluttering has ever entered your mind, it is time to do something about it.  We have passed the Spring cleaning date, so now it is on to the summer sweep! Time to sweep through your home and figure out a way to lighten the load inside of each of your rooms.  In the end, you will feel like you have a brand new home and a fresh sense of accomplishment.  Start little and work your way through the house at your pace. It does not need to be accomplished all in one day.  Going through room by room will help to simplify the process. Although, chances are, once you garner up that motivation to start, it will be hard to slow you down!


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  1. Yeah.. one of thing I like to do to change the theme of my home, in every 3 months at least… 🙂

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