Booking A Beach Break On A Budget

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There’s no need to splash out on a beach vacation. Here are a few ways that you can get that much needed dose of sand and sea on a tight budget.

Opt for a staycation

The US is blessed with many great beaches – there’s no need to go abroad and spend extra on visas, long haul flights and currency exchange. There are many great beaches in Florida that can provide the same warm climate and white sands as the Caribbean or Thailand. There’s also the gold coast of California, the rugged beaches of Texas and the more temperate beaches of Virginia. Of course, you’re probably best off avoiding Hawaii – whilst it does have idyllic beaches, it’s not known for being particularly cheap and you’d be better off heading abroad.

Avoid the popular strips

Everywhere has its popular strips. These strips may have the most attractions and the most buzz, but they’re also likely to have the highest hotel and restaurant prices. Look for other less-trodden beaches. For example, if you’re dead set on a Florida vacation, try Ormond Beach instead of Miami Beach where you could end up cutting the cost by as much as half. These beaches won’t just be cheaper to stay near – they’ll also be less crowded.

Go out of season

Beach resorts tend to drop their prices the moment summer is over. Planning a beach vacation in Spring or Fall could help to lower the prices. In many Southern beach destinations, you’re likely to still get warm weather, but you may want to be careful of planning a beach break to Maine or Oregon during these seasons as it could get chilly! As with avoiding the popular strips, going out of season is a great way to avoid the crowds, allowing you to have a more peaceful time on the beach.

Think beyond hotels

Hotels aren’t the only form of accommodation you’ll find near the beach. You could consider renting a self-catered apartment or chalet – this could be great for a large family as you can all live together rather than having to pay for separate rooms, plus you’ll save money by cooking your own meals. You could also consider looking into hostels – these are popular in cities and a good option for groups of young people. On top of this, you may be able to go camping near the beach for cheap.

Do you need a sea view?

Accommodation with a sea view is often a lot more expensive. Whilst it can be nice waking up to the sea, consider whether you’d be happy just to have the beach in walking distance. By staying five minutes inland and sacrificing a sea view, you could save a lot of money on a room. Be wary that there may also be hotels on the beachfront that charge less for rooms not facing the sea – you’ll still be right on the beach but you just won’t have a view from your window.


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  1. When I was younger, I was always looking for the most far-flung beach vacation I could find. But as I’ve gotten a bit older (and maybe a teeny tiny bit wiser) I’ve really come to appreciate the nearby staycation. There really are some amazing beaches and towns to explore right here in the US. There’s no need to fly for hours and hours when you can experience wonderful adventures closer to home.
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