Four Ways to Keep Yourself Entertained During a Commute

Commutes are often cited as being bad for your health, but they’re essentials parts of the day that we often can’t avoid for various reasons. However, as much as it sucks to get on the train or bus and sit on public transport for an hour or more, we need to get to work somehow.

But many people don’t realize the benefits of actually using public transport instead of driving to work themselves. You don’t need to actually worry about steering the car or anything, which means that you can simply sit down, relax and wait to be taken to your destination. Of course, that introduces another problem; boredom.

So in this post, we’ll take a look at four great ways to keep yourself entertained throughout your commute so that you can actually make it enjoyable.


Play a game on your smartphone

Smartphones are wonderful devices that are powerful enough to even play some 3D games with a lot of action. Of course, games don’t need to be all about action; there are plenty of simulation games, brain teasers and creative apps to sink your teeth into. With the recent release of Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire, you can even revisit some old franchises that you might’ve played in your youth. There’s a lot of choice to pick from here, so take the time to look through your smartphone’s app store and find something enjoyable to play to make your commutes less boring. 

Listen to an audio book

Audiobooks are great because you can digest fiction or even non-fiction books without even having to read a single word. This means there’s no fiddling around with a physical book and you don’t need to strain your neck staring down at your book when you’re on a train. It also comes with the advantage that prying eyes can’t peek at what you’re reading. Audiobooks are surprisingly affordable thanks to the internet, and they’re a great way to get entertainment during your commute.

Study something

Studying is often seen as something you need to sit down and do, but you can learn languages or study various topics by using your commute time thanks to the various apps and services available on the internet. Whether it’s sitting down and watching an educational video on your phone or listening to unique lectures, there are plenty of ways to get additional study time when you’re on your daily commute.

Plan ahead

Whether it’s planning a vacation or taking a look at what you want to eat for dinner, planning ahead is a fantastic way to entertain yourself when you’re on public transport. It’s also a brilliant way to help you become more organized because you’re thinking ahead about what you want to do. There’s a lot of interesting ways that you can optimize your day, and using your idle time (such as commuting) to become more mindful and plan ahead is a fantastic way to make more of your travel time.


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