BTS Map Of The Soul Tour 2020: How To Snag The Best Seats!

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You heard it right ARMY: Big Hit has confirmed that BTS is going on tour again for 2020! This is amazing news for legions of dedicated ARMY, but this news also comes with a dose of stomach churning anxiety: Many prior concert attendees have likened the ticket buying process as something akin to The Hunger Games! It’s a given that BTS tour tickets will sellRead Now

The Ultimate Guide To Preparing For A BTS Comeback!


Updated on 4/28/2021 It’s happening folks! It’s BTS comeback season! A new single “Butter” is set to drop on May 21, 2021, and just like with a full album release, there is a calendar of promo accompanying the single release. “Seasoned” ARMY’S are beyond excited and have already begun mapping out the best strategies to take advantage of all of the new content that willRead Now

Things I Learned From BTS’ “Bring The Soul: The Movie!”


Hey Socialites! If you’ve been following me on social media, you already know that I’m in love with K-pop! One of my favorite K-pop groups is none other than the groundbreaking, innovative, and super talented phenomenon known as BTS! #ARMY This month, BTS released “Bring The Soul”, a movie chronicling the behind the scenes and stadium moments from their Love Yourself Tour in late 2018.Read Now

Confession: I’m An Adult Black Woman, and I Love K-pop!


Ok, I said it! I’m a black woman, and I love K-pop! Let me just make a few disclaimers before we begin: I’m aware of the dissonance between being a middle aged adult and enjoying music made by (sometimes) prepubescent looking young adults who sing in a language I don’t understand. I’m also aware of longstanding racist at worst, stereotypical at best beliefs some KoreansRead Now