Comfort Tricks: How To Make A Cozy Space For Your Kids

Children are firecrackers, aren’t they? They run around at light speed, flitting from activity to activity, often leaving one thing unfinished before moving onto the next. They’re just balls of energy, ricocheting off every corner of the home. What a ball of energy often needs is a space – a space away from all of the noise and the lights and the excitement to just be.

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Bringing about calm isn’t always easy when you’re handling stubborn children, but there are a lot of things that you can do as a parent to be a calming influence on your children. One of those things that you can do is to create a cozy, comfortable and quiet space for them to be able to retreat to whenever life gets a little too overwhelming, as often it does. You need to create somewhere soft, comforting, warm and lit enough to see what they want to do but dim enough to be able to feel flooded with calm. So, how can you create the perfect cozy spot for your children to chill out in?

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  • The right spot is the first thing that you need to find in your quest for some peace for your child. A reading nook is often the best thing that you can make for your children to relax in, but you need to choose somewhere that is away from distractions like screen and TV time but close enough to get a parent if needs be.
  • Inviting is more than just a feeling. It’s a well-lit atmosphere. It’s a color scheme that is soft and welcoming. It’s popping a new cover on the beanbag so that you can all get a little cozy together, knowing it’s fresh and inviting inside. Let the children choose the colors and the cushions and the books; it’s their way to stamp themselves in the space you’ve created.
  • Having a comfortable space to sit and relax, or nap, is an absolute must. You want to invest in the squishiest, child-sized armchair. Your children shouldn’t have to squint in darkness or be overwhelmed with light, so choose soft lights to make it the ultimate comfortable spot.
  • Storage is a factor when you want them to read books in this area. Think about easy-reach shelves for their books like the storage that you can find here. Make sure that the storage that you choose is anchored safely to the wall, though. The last thing that you need in a space that is supposed to be calming is your child pulling the furniture down on top of themselves.

Transform an attic into the perfect nook

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Weight bearing, and well ventilated attics make the perfect retreat for children. They are usually spacious, and the (often) slanted walls make them super cozy. Take advantage of the pitched roof and make a feature wall! Paint it a bright color, or use chalkboard paint, and hang shelves! Cover the floors with fluffy rugs, and hang fairy lights for a wonderland effect!

A window to another world

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When I was growing up, I wanted nothing more than a window seat! Books were my everything, and many of my favorite fiction heroines had window seats in which they could curl up and read! Naturally, I wanted one of my own, but our house didn’t have one. It’s hard to find window seats in many of the new homes that are built today, but if you are fortunate enough to live in a charming older home that features one, or you were able to have it built in with your new construction home, take advantage and make it a magical place where your child can escape with a good book! Think: cushions, floaty curtains, and pillows galore!

Give them a hideout

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Teepees are so cool y’all! They are designed to take up minimal space in a room, which make them the perfect piece for a cozy corner, but they are wide enough inside the base for rugs, pillows, beanbags, or poufs. They are semi-private, which will your child feel secure and free to let their imaginations roam, but you will be able to peek in on them to ensure their safety!

Your children deserve a calm, safe place to finally relax their little bodies. Take the time to create a place that they will feel cozy, secure and happy going to at the end of a very long day of running, jumping and climbing. They’ll be forever thankful that you took that moment to think about what they need. Don’t be afraid to let them help you design the space, either; this is their moment for creativity.

See you next time!

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  1. The need for a place to feel safe in dates back to prehistoric days when we lived in caves: at first it was just a small space lit by a warm fire.

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