England: Off The Beaten Track

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If you’re thinking of visiting England this summer, there’s a good chance you’ll be heading to London, which is a good choice, but there’s so much more of England to explore than the bustling city of London.  Indeed, many English people are of the view that London isn’t really “England” as it has such a huge tourist population and is a melting pot of cultures that means London is its own place, with its own distinct culture, and doesn’t necessarily provide a true taste of England.

Now, as England is such a small country, if you’ve got a couple of weeks you can explore a large number of interesting places particularly if you have a car. Indeed, you could always head to 4WD Supacentre, attach a roof rack, get a tent, and go wild camping in the UK.  This is particularly stunning in Scotland and Wales; both of which you can practically camp anywhere without the authorities minding, but you might want to bring along your partner to travel with, as sleeping out in the middle of wilderness wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea.

Here are five places to consider when visiting England, all of which are at least somewhat off the well worn tourist path of places such as Cambridge and Stratford Upon Avon.


Just two hours by train from London, York is a historic and beautiful chocolate box city that could be likened to Bruges; yet it isn’t overrun with tourists.  York is a traditional, authentic and humble city that is more of a cozy town than a proper city. Also, if you were to hire a car, you’ll have easy access to a beautiful coastline and the unspoilt moorland of the Yorkshire Moors and Yorkshire Dales just a short drive away.


Bournemouth, similar to Brighton is a traditional English seaside town in the South of England that is easy to get to from London and unlike many seaside towns such as Blackpool and Weston Super Mare that have been left to decay, Bournemouth retains a relatively affluent and upmarket charm.


If you like London but wish to get out of the big city for a while, Bristol can be a fantastically friendly and welcoming alternative.  It’s a university town that offers a pace of life where things are less hectic and chaotic than London; people have the time to chat and get to know you in a bar, for instance, as it’s less transient.


Matlock is one of several small towns within an area known as the Peak District.  This area of natural beauty is a mecca for walkers and cyclists.  Also, the Peak District is home to the UK’s best theme park, Alton Towers which is a great day out with some of the world’s most amazing roller coasters.


The Lake District is one of the most beautiful places in the UK.  Unfortunately, it does get a little wet up there, but if you don’t mind this then the best time to visit is at the beginning of Autumn when the leaves are turning red and gold.  It’s a great place to spend a few days hiking and nestling next to a log fire in a cozy pub.



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