Creating A Light Show In Your Patio



The patio is probably one of the most incredible pieces of any home, because it’s able to be changed in almost any style. It’s why many of us choose to be a little more daring with our patios because we know, an outside living space isn’t really an eyesore even if you get it temporarily wrong. So we thought it would be a great idea to give you some tips for making a patio a lot more liable. The first thing is, to make it brighter. Patios are, let’s face it, a bit of a late night deal. We don’t really use them during the weekdays and we’re out and about on the weekends. So any real usage time our patios will get, is during the evening when we want to wind down before or after dinner. And hey, it gets dark in the evenings!

Make some nooks

Do you know what a nook is? It’s kind of a little hovel or space, that is out of sight but is very usable. It’s practical in a sense and it allows you to do something extensively. For example, you have heard of a reading nook. This is where you have a small bookcase, a chillout chair, a side table lamp, perhaps some music technology and maybe even a little minifridge for keeping your own bottles of wine. You also have spaces for throws, ottomans, etc. This is something you should do for your patio. You’ll need some nuts and bolts to fix to the beams or pillars that you have in the patio. Here you can put some small platforms with flat surfaces to hold candles, maybe your drink and some fairy lights if need be. These little nooks can be used to also hold some kind of solar lamps so they automatically turn on when it gets dark. They can act like a guide at night.

Speaking of surrounding lights

Patios are notoriously expensive to light. You don’t realize just how large your patio is, until you need to put some surrounding lights in their places to illuminate the entire space. However, LED fairy lights would be a great idea because they can hang in unison and give your patio a nice uniformed look at night. They can also be powered by solar panels, so if you live in a sunny place, you can store up energy during the day and have the fairy lights turn on at a certain time. These fairy lights are also, pretty inexpensive. They can be wrapped around columns, pillars and pergolas. In fact, we recommend you dry and get creative, with multi-colored fairy lights that light up different areas of the garden, walkway, flowerbeds, plants and seating areas in different colors.

Lighting up a patio is not as hard as it might appear. But you do need to make new platforms to host candles and other lights. Otherwise, the wind will easily blow away lights on a flat unprotected surface.





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