Creative Kitchen Designs: Fresh Ideas For Your Home!

If you are eager to give your kitchen a makeover, you might be keen to revolutionize the way that you use your home. In the twenty first century, everyone is craving a more open plan and specious way of living. Gone are the days of the poky living spaces and separate rooms. Snugs have been swapped for larger living rooms and en suites are now integral to modern new build homes. People want to congregate, entertain, have fun in one room, and enjoy a large kitchen diner in the process. For your kitchen to become the heart of your home, you may need to undertake a range of renovations. These renovations will endeavor to create the perfect place to cook up gastronomic fayre, chat with friends, and watch the kids do their homework. Follow this guide and enjoy looking at these inspirational kitchen designs for your humble abode.

kitchen designs

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Before you do anything, you need to declutter your kitchen cupboards and drawers. You will be surprised at just how many kooky yet unused utensils you may have accrued over the years. You might have an excess supply of baking sheets, pots and pans. Consider shipping out those that you never use or those that are past their best. You can donate these to goodwill or thrift shops.

Take a look at your work surfaces and consider if you can get rid of anything on show. Crockery that doesn’t fit in drawers, old ramekins, wooden spoons, and cutlery can be removed and only replaced once you have completed the renovations for your new kitchen.


If you are blessed with top quality units and the bases are still in excellent condition, you may not need to replace your entire kitchen. If you are on a budget, you can consider replacing the doors alone. This can revolutionize the style of your room. If you currently have the Shaker style units but you want a more modern look, the high gloss white unit doors could be ideal. Or perhaps you fancy a more countryfied look and solid oak teak oiled doors will be more apt. If you want to replace your worktop, opt for something that complements your units. The quartz granite look won’t go with the off white beach wash rustic units.

If you do fancy a brand new kitchen, get measuring. You can use this opportunity to take a look at the new configuration of your room and explore the range of new and modern units on offer. Corner units save space and many cupboards have carousel like storage that house your tins and cans. Integral wine storage is also useful for those homeowners who enjoy partaking in a tipple every now and then.

Head to showrooms with your measurements and select the kitchen that you can see yourself enjoying for the next decade. Forget about following trends on the cover of interiors magazines and go with a style that you adore. If you don’t fancy parting with thousands of dollars, consider checking out the ex-display models of kitchen. Their drawers and cupboard doors may have been opened a few thousand times but they are still in perfect condition and you could end up parting with much less cash in your quest to gift your kitchen a facelift.

kitchen designs

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The windows of your kitchen need to be checked over for drafts and the integrity of the seals. If you are in need of replacement glazing, click here to check out the made to measure approach. Bespoke fitting complete with additional blinds used to complement your kitchen style can add to the decor of your room.

The walls of your kitchen need to be maintained. A normal emulsion paint can scuff and stain easily. Ensure that you use a kitchen-specific waterproof paint that is easy to wipe clean should splashes or spillages occur. If you cook regularly, you need to consider your splashbacks. You might be keen to stick to the traditional with a tiled and grouted backsplash. However, there are alternatives in this day and age. You might want to look into the industrial metal or stainless steel backsplash that looks futuristic and modern. Or maybe, you want a look that is ultra minimalist. A perspex screened backsplash is not intrusive and almost see-through, making it appear that the backsplash isn’t even there.

Creating a kitchen that is fit for twenty first century living can be stressful. However, by following this guide, you can enjoy crafting your dream kitchen that you can enjoy for many years to come.


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