Make Big Changes to Your Kitchen With Small Details

Have you ever wanted to transform the way your kitchen looks, but didn’t want to spend a lot of time and money on renovations? If so, then why not make changes to small details? Changing lots of small things at once can have a surprisingly big impact on the overall look and feel of your kitchen, so here are some suggestions.

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Adding plants and other greenery to your kitchen

Plants and greenery can be a great way to add a splash of natural color to your kitchen. Simply get a few small pots and put flowers or plants in them. Place these around your shelves, near windows, or even just on your countertops. Alternatively, you could have plants hanging from the ceiling, lights, and walls as well. This is a great way to create a bit more visual interest in your kitchens. With enough plants, you could completely transform the look and feel of your kitchen.

Updating your backsplash can transform the kitchen

Another small detail that you could change is your backsplash. We see our backsplash a lot when cooking, and you can always extend it to cover more space if you want. If you’re thinking about how to choose a kitchen backsplash, then we suggest looking at images on the internet for inspiration. Check out some modern kitchens to see what sorts of backsplashes are available. There are loads of unique patterns and even materials to pick from, so it’s a nice way to be a little more creative in the kitchen.

Changing the color of your kitchen appliances

A lot of people don’t really look at their appliances when it comes to kitchen design, but they’re always there in the room and essentially become a part of the decor. As such, you could pick different colors for your kitchen appliances to match the rest of the room. You can choose complementary colors, or even contrasting colors for a bit more visual interest. It might be a little expensive to replace a kitchen appliance just for the sake of design, so we wouldn’t recommend doing this unless you’re looking for an upgrade or could have another use for your existing appliances. Still, there’s no denying that colorful kitchen appliances can really go a long way to transforming your kitchen.

Swapping out your cabinet hardware for something new

Cabinets are another area of the kitchen that are practical, but we rarely think about how they look and what we can change about their appearance. Whether it’s changing the knobs, handles, or even painting them a different color, there are a surprising number of things that we can do to make them look a little more interesting. Swapping out hardware like handles and slide rails can also be a practical upgrade that would improve the functionality of your cabinets. You can even add extra hanging storage solutions for a bit more space.

Add lighting in different places around your kitchen

Lighting is a great place to start if you want to transform the look and feel of your kitchen. Every modern kitchen has extra added lighting both for practical purposes and also because it can look amazing. For instance, under-cabinet lighting can be practical for when you want to make a snack at night but don’t want to turn on all the lights, and it can create a subtle mood in your kitchen. New lighting fixtures, such as pendant lights, can completely transform the mood of your kitchen as well when they’re used correctly.

Replacing cabinets with open shelves to create a more open feel

You could also replace the cabinets in your kitchen with open shelves to create a more open feeling. This is usually something that we reserve for upper kitchen cabinets, but you can create some truly unique and interesting kitchen designs no matter what cabinets you swap. This could even add a bit more storage space depending on how you design the open shelves. Just be mindful that those items are going to be exposed and less protected, so only do this if you have excess storage that you don’t mind exposing.

Decorating your kitchen with art pieces

Whether it’s a small print that you can stick on a cabinet or a colorful rug around your kitchen island, there are plenty of places for you to put some decorative items in your kitchen. It can add a lot of personality to your kitchen and will transform the overall look and feel when done right.


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