Why People Wear T Shirts with Cute Sayings

In the words of Mark Twain, “Clothes make men. Naked people cannot influence the society”. This saying is old but still holds meaning in present-day society. The world today has evolved into a place where clothing conveys a person’s social status.

If women and men use clothing to convey societal status, it means they use it for self-expression too. For example, Woody Harrelson wears hemp and Steve Harvey wears colorful neckties. One of the most popular forms of “clothing as self-expression” are graphic tees.

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graphic tees

History of T-Shirts

In the early 1960s, people started using t-shirts as a means of expressing themselves. At that time, the plain white styles were transformed using tie-dye techniques to proclaim the emergence of “flower power”. It was used to encourage everyone to cease war and make love.

After that time, people started printing messages on shirts using screen printing or silk screening. Bands also started making and selling branded tees at concerts. Young people started wearing those branded tees to show their love for the band or to identify with them.

In the past decades, graphic tees have continued to serve as branding and promotional tools. Whether it has the image of a Disney character or the word “Green” emblazoned across its front, t-shirts are now acceptable means of promoting a brand or a product.

Why Do People Wear Graphic Tees?

graphic tees

Below are some reasons people wear graphic tees and message tees:

1. To Inspire Themselves and Others

Today, you can find many graphic tees with inspirational messages.  Some of those messages help people who read them by encouraging and uplifting their spirits. People go through a whole lot every day and may not even have anyone to share their ordeals with. This can lead to depression, but when they keep reading inspirational messages on tees as they move around every day, it gives them hope. For instance, messages like “Don’t give up. There’s light at the end of the tunnel” can inspire someone who is about to throw in the towel.

Furthermore, you can inspire yourself with a graphic tee! They help you build a positive self-image and get back your energy when you feel discouraged. When people read the message on the tee you are wearing, it can give them insight to your personality or your worth. For example, a shirt with a message like, “I am not short. I am just more down to earth than others”, is a humorous way to let people know you are unbothered by your short stature!

We become motivated when we listen to inspirational messages. This is because everyone likes hearing good things and when we apply them to our lives, we become hopeful. Wearing inspirational quotes helps others to become hopeful too. Because there is joy in helping others, you can get shirts with cute sayings for yourself and your friends.

2. For Fun

Some wear graphic tees for fun. They feel happy when they wear clothes with funny quotes. These tees are easy to find, and they often come in a wide variety of colors and prints . You can decide to print yours with a funny meme so others can laugh with you.

In this age, memes are in vogue, and graphic tee printers are all out to help people wear more memes that they resonate with. Someone who is stressed can get relief from seeing a funny meme.

3. For Self-Expression

This is basically why people started wearing branded tees. If you are pressed but do not want to say it out, you can get a printed shirt to express yourself. This is helpful because expressing your problem brings relief. It also gets people to become interested in the situation and proffer solutions.

Also, shy people can print t-shirts and send them to others. It helps them to express themselves without saying a word.

4. To Show Remorse

If you have offended someone, printing a tee can help you to apologize to that person especially if the person does not want to communicate with you. You can simply print an apologetic message on the shirt and either wear it for them to see or send it to them. You can even print a lot of them with different apologetic quotes if you are comfortable wearing tees.

5. To Start a Conversation

Some people wear graphic tees with quotes just to start a conversation. They may not be the life of the party but a tee that says, “Aloha! I’m Ms. Pretty” is enough to attract people to strike conversations with them. This can make them the center of attraction in a social gathering. You can click on https://www.vice.com/en/article/935qbp/graphic-tees-small-talk-conversation-starters to read more about starting a conversation with a tee.

How to Wear Printed & Graphic Tees 

Almost everyone has a t-shirt in their closet. It is a good option if you want a low-key dressing, but you can dress them up by pairing them with the following:

1. A tracksuit
2. Cutoffs and a blazer
3. A big white sneak
4. A midi mule or a pleated skirt
5. A cool outwear
6. A colorful suit

Graphic tees have been in the market for ages. While some wear them inside a shirt, others wear them boldly as the main dress for different reasons. And wearing one with cute sayings is all shades of cute.




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