Dodging Those Digits: The Simple Changes To Looking Your Age Without Feeling It!

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We can all feel old from time to time, especially if you are feeling the stress of being a parent, as well as feeling your life pull in other directions, it can get on top of us most of the time. And if you feel like you are looking older than your actual digits, what are the tricks and tips that we should all follow to look our age in a natural sense, without feeling much older?

Wearing Clothes That Fit

We can do ourselves a disservice if we are wearing clothes that aren’t particularly flattering. There are so many women’s clothing boutiques online to give you an idea of, not just the sorts of clothes you can wear to transform your style, but also to make you feel better about yourself. Even something like the wrong pair of shoes can impact your look, and if it’s not doing you any favors, you’re not going to feel good about yourself. And that’s not to say you should throw out every item of clothing you own, even just replacing the clothes that don’t fit you very well is a lot less effort than replacing every single item.

Highlighting Your Attributes

There are things that you don’t like about yourself, but there are things that you really like about yourself, and by highlighting these positives, you are going to feel a lot better about yourself. And even those things that bug you about your appearance, there can be some little fixes to hide these annoyances. If you’ve got a lovely smile, but you don’t like the color of your teeth, it’s not just about ensuring you’ve got a good dental hygiene practice, you can go to your dentist to have your teeth whitened, or polished and scraped, which will automatically lift your appearance.

Adopting A Beauty Routine

If you have a beauty routine that you think is comprehensive, are you overdoing it somewhat? For example, if you wash your hair every day, this isn’t the best thing for your follicles. You may have dry and brittle hair, even though you are keeping on top of the cleanliness. By using strong hair care products, we are washing a lot of the natural oils out. And, if you feel like you really need to wash your hair every day, try and use a bit less product, or even wash your hair with cold water. Cold water brings out the shine like you would never believe!

Eat A Little Bit Better

If you feel that you have a good diet, you would be surprised as to what you are doing that might be bad for you, although not necessarily everyone else. Even though you are avoiding fat like the plague, it’s important to remember that a healthy dose of good fats is vital for the elasticity of your skin!

If you feel you are considerably older than your years, then it’s not about finding the fountain of youth, but more about finding the right route for you. On the surface, these are little hacks you can use, but remember, it’s about working from the inside out as well. This is a considerably longer game to play, but you can make the simple changes in the meantime.


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