Everything You Need To Plan For That Week Away

If you have been waiting some time to get your adventure hat back on due to Covid-19 then the good news is you can travel once again. The huge break meant that people were stuck at home for around 18 months in total. This is a long time to go without a vacation! If you are off traveling once again, take a look at the article below to know everything you need to plan before you go. 

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First of all, where are you wanting to go? This all depends on the type of holiday you want. For instance, you won’t be going to Aspen, Colorado if you are after a relaxing beach holiday. If you have been working hard at work lately then a well-earned beach break will do you wonders. However, if you are one that can’t be sitting still while you are away then an activity holiday might suit you better. Make sure you do your research before booking anything. If you do want a beach holiday then the Caribbean has beautiful weather all year round. 

Documents Needed

Next, think about the destination you are going to and whether or not you need a visa or vaccinations. If you are going somewhere like a safari in Africa then you may need to have your malaria vaccine. Check with your travel company or the destination guides online to see what you need, if anything. Some destinations are still requiring you to be tested for Covid before you travel. This might be a simple antigen test or a bigger more in-depth PCR test. Note, if you are fully vaccinated you won’t need to test.

Clothes To Pack

This is always the one thing about going away people panic about. If you are going somewhere with a washing machine then you won’t need to pack as many clothes. There is always a worry that you will be over the baggage limit once you reach the airport. If you are going away for a week then you should pack three main outfits, five if there is no washing machine. Don’t forget you will also need shoes to go with these outfits. If you are heading out for a night on the town then a little black dress paired with some luxury high heels will look amazing, check some out here


While you are away, do you want to go on any adventures or excursions? These can be arranged by yourself or the hotel if you are staying in one. It is always safer to go through the hotel as they will only use reputable companies. However, it can also be more expensive for this reason. Take a look at the excursions on offer and decide which ones you want to do. There is never any pressure if you just want to relax and unwind.


Finally, if you are traveling to a country you have never been to before then do your research before you go. You will want to know the areas that are safe for tourists and which ones should be avoided. Don’t let negative reviews put you off, just use your common sense. 


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  1. Good suggestions!

    I also advise you to take care of the safety of your home while you’re away.

    Unfortunately, the lion’s share of property theft occurs when the house is empty. To prevent it, consider security measures like burglar-proof doors, a high fence, and 3-4 video surveillance cameras watching your door, front lawn, and backyard.

    According to this source https://sentriforce.com/news/how-to-reduce-crime-in-your-apartment-community/, something that displays a security presence greatly deters criminals from targeting the property.

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