Fabulously Simple Ways To Make Your Home Smell Dreamy

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Interior design isn’t just about visuals – it’s also about the other ways in which your rooms interact with your senses. Walk into any high-end showroom, and beautiful smells will greet you, wafting through the air.  Unfortunately, not all of us live in homes that smell dreamy. For some of us, eliminating odors is a constant battle.

In this post, we’re going to take a brief look at how you can give your home a smell makeover. Shall we get started?

Add A Dryer Lining To Your Trash Can

Trash juice – that’s something nobody wants. And yet, it also tends to build up in your waste receptacles over time. It turns out, though, that there’s a simple solution: add a dryer lining. 

Dryer lining just adds a few antimicrobial material sheets to the bottom of the bin, preventing leaks from smelling. Yes – you have to replace it periodically, but it can keep some of the most harmful odors at bay – and that’s a good thing.

Nestle Candles In Coffee Beans

Most of us love the smell of coffee in the morning – perhaps more than we do the taste of the drink itself. There’s something so rich and warming about it – it’s hard to resist!

If you have votive candles, try nestling them in jars containing coffee beans. The heat from the candle will create natural coffee smells, helping to make your interiors smell so much more fragrant. This idea works particularly well in the dining room.

Eliminate Pests In Your Basement

The basement is supposed to be a space where you can hang out with friends and generally chill out. But if animal droppings are everywhere, it can ruin the mood – and the smell, for that matter. Here, pest control is usually your only option. Once you get rid of the vermin, you can get rid of the foul odors wafting up your nostrils. 

Decorate With Eucalyptus Leaves


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Eucalyptus leaves look great and emit a gentle, pleasant smell into your rooms. They work well in practically every room of the house, especially smell-prone areas, such as mudrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. 

Swap Out Your Carpets For Hard Flooring Solutions

While carpets might feel great on your toes in the morning, they are prone to odor problems. Carpets trap all of the smell particles that enter your home throughout the day. They then re-release them back into the atmosphere over time, making your home smell bad year-round.

Furthermore, vacuuming doesn’t deal with the problem, either. Some particles become lodged deep down in the material, making them impervious to suction. You have two solutions to this problem. Either you can rip out your carpets and install hard flooring of some description. Or you can sprinkle baking soda on the carpet and then vacuum it up. The idea is that the bicarbonate will neutralize smelly odors, leaving your flooring smelling fresh.

Place Potpourri Vases Next To The Stove

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Final tip: try placing potpourri vases close to your stove. It’ll help mask and neutralize the pungent aromas created by your cooking.

See you next time!


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