How To Have An Eco-Friendly Kitchen

When we think of the heart of the home, we are always taken straight to the kitchen. The kitchen is quite possibly the most important part of the home, and when it comes to being eco-friendly, it’s the best place to start. Today, we are going to be looking at some of the most impressive things you can do in the kitchen that will have a positive impact on the planet.

We all know that everybody needs to come together and do their bit for the planet and while our suggestions may be simple, we are hoping you will pass them along to friends and family so we can all work together to do our bit.

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Why The Kitchen Is The Best Place To Begin

The first thing that you have to realize when it comes to waste and recycling is that the majority of the problems stem from the average kitchen.

If we are to just pay attention to a few things that happen in our kitchens, you will be surprised that not only do we do a huge amount to save the environment, you may also save yourself a pretty penny in the long run too.

What Can We Do?

One of the first things we can do that will make a massive difference to the planet is to be a little more mindful over how we use our washing machines. Now, we know that there are many families out there that need to run one or even two washes per day, so we aren’t saying you should minimize your usage. What we are saying is that you should be looking to use eco-friendly washing pods and also you could maybe reduce the heat setting that you are washing at.

The next thing you should be looking to reduce is food wastage. While you may not believe you waste that much, there is a high possibility that you are wasting more than you know. The best tip we can give is to get yourself some reusable produce bags, you can buy here if you need some, and start to freeze down portions of food.

By making up extra portions and freezing food, you will be reducing waste amounts quite vastly.

The final thing we are going to be looking at is your recycling. While you may think you are recycling the right things, you may want to check that you are familiar with the local authority recycling codes and this will allow you to purchase things and recycle a little more carefully.If you aren’t familiar with these codes, worry not, a lot of people aren’t. What is important is that you try to get acquainted with them and the more people that do this, the better.

As you can see, when it comes to doing your bit in the kitchen, it’s quite easy. Hopefully, you will take on at least one of our suggestions, maybe if you start to see a little positive impact from it, you may even pass it along.



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  1. Speaking of an eco-friendly kitchen, I think water heating is something that is also worth mentioning. It’s known that tankless heaters are 24–34 percent more energy-efficient than a traditional tank in households using less than 41 gallons of hot water a day. So, if you are a family of 2-3, consider updating to a tankless option.

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