Four Ways You Can Check Your AC Filters

Maintaining an air conditioner properly necessitates regular replacement of the device’s air filter. If you don’t change the air filter frequently, dust and grime will accumulate on the carpets, desks, bathrooms, tables, and bedrooms. This will happen if you don’t clean the air ducts regularly. A custom filter tool will allow you to design air conditioner filters that are the appropriate size for your unit. In addition to doing routine maintenance on the filter, you should also be familiar with the indicators that an air conditioner’s filter needs to be replaced. There are a few telltale indicators that indicate it’s time to change the filter in your air conditioner. 

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There Is A Lack Of Cold Air 

When a filter’s pores become clogged with dust and debris, they frequently prevent air from passing through. If the air filter is unclean, then the nice, fresh air won’t be able to pass through it as easily.

Electricity Bills Are Going Up

It can be a time when your air conditioner may have to work harder to keep your house at the temperature you want. The harder your system has to work, the more power it needs. changing your filter will help you save money on your energy bills. If your ac is sucking up your energy you may need to arrange for an ac repair company to come and look at it. 

Dust And Dirt Near Or Around The Vents 

This happens because a clogged filter sends dust and other particles all over the appliance, causing a buildup in the ventilation system. It’s a good sign that you need to replace your air filter if the areas closest to the vents get dirtier while other areas look cleaner.

The White Sheet Test is another way to figure out if you need to change your air filters. For this experiment, you need to put a white sheet near an air conditioner vent and leave it there for an hour. If the white sheet turns grey, you should replace the filters right away.

Air Conditioner Unit Is Very Hot

Air conditioner problems, like overheating, are often caused by filters that aren’t clean enough. All of these problems cause small problems at first, but then they need expensive repairs. If the filter is dirty, the air conditioner will have to work harder to keep the house at the right temperature. Getting rid of the load will be easier if you change the AC filter.


It’s common knowledge that you should clean your AC filter every so often, but this is even more important for people who have pets, have lung problems, or are old and spend all day inside. When a heater or air conditioner works for longer than usual, more damage can happen than usual. It can also make your home’s cooling and heating systems work better and help you avoid expensive problems with your air conditioner.



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    1. Thank you for sharing this!
      Experts say ( that the best way to tell if your air filters need changing is to look at them–a grey filter means it is dirty whereas a white one may have a bit longer before a change is needed. Noticing more dust on your furniture than usual or feeling like your floors constantly have pet hair and dirt on them are other telltale signs of dirty filters.

    2. Thank you for posting such helpful information! A clean air filter is very important from the point of view of ensuring good air quality in the house, indeed. Poor indoor air quality can cause many health problems:

    3. Health problems can also signal that your filters are dirty and need replacement.
      Here are some of them:

    4. Thanks for sharing this article!
      By the way, if it seems pretty troublesome to replace filters every few months, consider installing washable filters. You can read about this filter type in the article:

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