Friday Faves: Blogger Edition

So today I wanted to share a few of the bloggers I subscribe to, and love following! All of these women inspire me daily: whether it’s through the way they style their outfits; how they apply their makeup, or even in how they engage their followers! I hope you’ll be inspired by them as much as I am!

1. Emily Ann Gemma, The Sweetest Thing (the perfect blend of glam and casual!)

Emily Ann Gemma, TheSweetestThingblog

2. Beverly Beal, Life in Beverly Heels (so chic, and so accomplished)

Beverly Beal

3. Laura Beverlin, Styled Adventures (Can take a plain white tee and make it look like a billion bucks!)

Laura Beverlin, Styled Adventures

4. Caitlin Covington, Southern Curls and Pearls (classic Southern Belle! Great style and perfect curls! What’s not to love?)

Caitlin Covington, CMCoving, Southern Curls and Pearls

5. Aleeyah Petty, APXO (Great hair, major body inspo-curvy and toned!)

6.  Vanessa Krom, The Cheeky Been (lives in NC, so how could I not be a fan? Beyond that, she possesses fabulous style, and her Eyeliner is always perfect!)

The Cheeky Been, Vanessa Krom

Go check out their blogs, and be sure and subscribe with your email! Oh, and before you do that, make sure you subscribe to me as well! ?

 See ya next time! 


Fashion, Lifestyle, and Travel blogger, based in NC.


  1. I too, love Caitlin and Emily’s blogs! All these women are so inspiring!

  2. Will have to check their blogs! I love discovering more bloggers! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    1. TheSuburbanSocialite

      You’re welcome! ?

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