Get Inkspired…A Sexy Night of Poetry

Hi Socialites! Before the holiday season, hubby and I were invited to a grown & sexy night of poetry and cocktails that turned out to be one of our best date nights yet! This magical evening was courtesy of the debonair and super talented Curtis Hill, writer and founder of s.P Endeavors, and who’s masterful poetry was performed during the show: Inkspired Reloaded!

The Venue

Curtis Hill and his team at s.P Endeavors certainly know how to bring the swank! The event was held in Raleigh, NC at TRAINE. This wasn’t Mr. Hill’s first show, and he’s clearly built up quite a name for himself in the area, because when we walked in there was literally standing room only.  I’m not sure of the final head count, but it was over 100 beautiful ladies and dapper gents in the building. s.P Endeavors had thought of everything: there was valet parking for the event, and the decor in the facility was stunning (Black, White, and a few shades of gray! ?) A live band was playing sexy jazz, and the bartender kept the drinks flowing all night. The initial impression was pure class! After finding a seat, I was more than ready to hear some poetry!

Curtis Hill
Mr. Curtis Hill (left) and guest


The Poetry

Ok, here’s where I let y’all know that I’ve known Curtis Hill since 2001. We both attended Campbell University together, and thanks to Facebook we were able to stay informed of each other’s accomplishments over the years. I knew that Curtis wrote poetry, but what I was not prepared for is just how exceptional of a writer he is! We arrived a little bit after the show had begun thanks to a babysitter mishap, but we still got to hear about 7 of Mr. Hill’s works that were performed by various spoken word artists in the area. My favorite poems of the night were: Jesse, Netflix & Kill, and Quickie.

Mr. Hill’s poems are a carefully crafted mix of wit, swagger, and seduction with sprinkles of iambic pentameter. Most of his poems were sexy and a little humorous, but every now and then he strayed bravely into the social justice category. Mr. Hill selected a white male and a black male performer to visually portray his work Black Conscience. Dressed in KKK “uniforms”, the two marched on stage and began to share a chilling yet accurate monologue about the state of racial matters in America. It was such a powerful piece, and my husband and I discussed it for a good 20 minutes on the ride home. I feel that true works of art will always spark a strong reaction leading to introspection and discussion, and that’s exactly the effect that Black Conscience had on us. To see this piece, click here. *I warn you that it is controversial subject matter, and may be triggering for some.

If you’re in the Raleigh area, I strongly urge you to check out Curtis Hill’s next show. From the atmosphere, to the works performed, and the quality entertainment (the host, jazz band, and singers) the event is well worth the price of admission! And to be honest, who doesn’t love an opportunity to get decked out and sexy, and spend an evening out on the town? Click here to stay updated on all upcoming events and ticket sales!

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See you between the lines!



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