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Hey Socialites! This winter has certainly been one for the books already: we got about 12 inches of snow at the start of December (technically, it was still Fall) and between then and now, the temperatures have fluctuated wildly between the low 30’s, and the mid 60’s. Now, before ya’ll start wondering why I’m giving out weather forecasts, I promise it has to do with fashion! It’s hard to select your look for the day (especially in the South) when mornings start out frigid, but end up on the warmer side as the day progresses. Enter my solution: A cute, layered look that will keep you toasty in the morning, and cool as the proverbial cucumber when the sun hits its’ peak!

winter look

I love a simple (but chic) winter look involving a long sleeved layering tee, a chic and warm scarf (bonus points for cashmere!), jeans, and boots. When it’s chilly in the mornings, a sleek trench or wool peacoat adds to the look while keeping you warm,  and when the afternoon temps climb, you simply shed the coat!  The long sleeve tee and scarf combo will ensure that you don’t get too hot, but are also protected from any lingering chill in the air.  Working a 9 to 5? You can still rock the blouse and scarf combo, but substitute the jeans for slacks, and the boots for a good comfortable work shoe. Add a cardigan for more warmth, and to beat the office A/C.






-Top runs TTS, and has a slim, fitted cut. I’m wearing an XL

Sizing reference:

I’m 5’4″. I typically wear size 9 in shoes. L/XL in tops and XL/16W in dresses. Size 16-18 in Jeans.

I am ruler shaped (sometimes apple depending upon weight!) and I am able to wear a smaller cut in tops.



See you next time!


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