Give Your Bathroom New Life With These Ideas

With interior design being the hot topic for most people these days, and everyone wanting their homes to look and feel their best and show off their personalities, it can be hard to know where to begin on your renovation/makeover journey. Many seem to start with the areas most seen by guests or that are lived in the most such as the living room or kitchen. However, this means places like the bathroom often get missed out and forgotten about.

The bathroom can actually be one of the cheaper rooms to re-decorate. Of course, it is a little more expensive if you decide to put in a new bathroom suite, but it is worth it for the extra luxury it will bring to your life. Bathrooms tend to be one of the smallest rooms in the house and therefore don’t have a lot of extra space for accessories and clutter, making them pretty quick and easy to bring a new lease of life to. Here, we are going to share some of the easiest bathroom remodel ideas.

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For example, if you don’t have the budget to get a new bathroom set, perhaps you could just get some new faucets for the bath and the sink. It’s a very quick and simple way to change the look and feel of your bathroom without having to do too much to it.

Upgrade your shower

There is nothing more disappointing than a weak shower. If your morning shower is little more than a dribble, you should think about upgrading it and putting in a brand new shower pump, You’ll appreciate the difference on those cold mornings when only a decent hot shower will do!


In the spirit of co-ordination within the bathroom, it is important to emphasize your own personality within the space. Sure, the look and feel of the room and achieving your dream bathroom is important, but what about the accessories? For example, having towels to match the rugs on the floor can easily and simply transform the room and give it a luxury feel. The little touches you make to a room can make such a big difference, and they don’t have to cost you the earth! Perhaps you could add a bit of depth to the room by adding some plants…or even just one, hanging from the corner of the ceiling, or on top of a cupboard, with greenery hanging down the side.


Perhaps your bathroom rug has seen better days, fraying at the edges and a bit bobbly in places. Well now is a good a time as any to spruce up your bathroom and give it the TLC it deserves by investing in a good quality bath mat or rug. Something you can really sink your toes into after a nice relaxing bath. It might seem like a boring purchase but you won’t regret it after you see the difference it makes, to only to the look of your bathroom but to how much your toes love it as well! 



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  1. True, remodeling the bathroom can get expensive! you’ll want to use the last drop saving especially on replacing faucets and showerheads. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I always change stuff up in my bathroom, it’s one of those things that you can enjoy while doing it, be it my accessories or how stuff are organized, at least for me.

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  4. Hey, thanks! Most bath remodel projects involve upgrading the bathtub, tile and wallpapers, shower controls, sink and vanity area, medicine cabinet, and similar fixtures. You can replace or repair busted, worn out, old components and upgrade to better amenities. Most homeowners say it is worth it 🙂

  5. Thank you! I’d also suggest replacing a traditional water heater with a modern tankless option. Water heaters are a necessity in most bathrooms. However, the warm water they produce for our needs comes at a cost. After crunching my annual energy spending numbers, I deduced that my water heater consumed a significant amount of energy. The heater was old and ran around the clock.
    When researching an alternative, I decided to install a tankless water heater. The result of this change was almost instantaneous. Unlike conventional heaters, demand-type water heaters only function when needed. With a tankless heater, water is heated directly without storage. In doing so, these heaters don’t generate standby energy losses.

  6. I like the idea of adding some rugs! But according to this article, they, as well as carpets, can cause poor indoor air quality. So get serious about choosing a bathroom rug. It should absorb moisture well and also dry quickly because the humidity is a favorable environment for the development of “bad” bacteria.
    The best are microfiber and acrylic ones. They are inexpensive, look nice, and have an antibacterial coating.

  7. Thank you for sharing these ideas! If anyone here is thinking of bathroom remodeling, read this article: In this article we tell what you should avoid when remodeling your bathroom and what better to choose to make it look modern as long as possible.

  8. Cool post! Speaking of new faucet and shower for your bathroom, consider modern eco-friendly options like low-flow faucets and low-flow showerheads. Such “green” items help reduce water consumption by 40% or more. But you get more than just a lower water bill when you invest in them. You also get to help the planet because your home won’t consume as much water once you have it installed.
    Read our article which tells about all the benefits you get by installing green plumbing fixtures:

  9. Cool suggestions!
    Another thing I’m gonna suggest to do is to check your water heater. After all, I think there’s nothing more annoying than waking up in the morning and finding that you don’t have hot water to take a shower. Here are some signs your water heater needs a repair ( knocking sounds, standing water under your unit, inconsistent water temperature.

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  11. I like your post about the bathroom. I feel like I do the same things as you and it was great to read about how to re-decorate it with minimal budget. I especially loved the parts about faucets. I went to a store recently and was shocked by the price of some faucets and I’m currently shopping for a new set for our bathroom! Floor Polishing Adelaide

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  13. Thanks for sharing your ideas. Well now is a good a time as any to spruce up your bathroom and give it the TLC it deserves by investing in a good quality bath mat or rug.

  14. Thanks for sharing this information.he little touches you make to a room can make such a big difference, and they don’t have to cost you the earth.dual occupancy builders melbourne

  15. Before buying a new faucet or a new shower pump just make sure it is worth the investment. In some cases, all you need is to make a small fix to make it work well again. This way, you save money and give good fixtures a new life.

    But remember plumbing work is a job best left to the professionals. DIY projects often turn into failures, up to the pipes bursting and flooding.

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  21. I love changing things up in my bathroom. It’s one of those enjoyable activities for me – whether it’s adjusting accessories or reorganizing items.

  22. Thanks for the fantastic tips! If you’re seeking to revitalize your bathroom, these ideas could be your perfect solution. A touch of creativity and exploration can unearth pieces that’ll breathe new life into your space.

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