Holiday Shopping at National Pawn

Happy Monday Socialites!  We are getting closer and closer to the holiday season, and all of the gift giving (and food!) that it entails!  I’m a planner by nature, so I always try to figure out the best one-stop shopping destinations for the entire family. One of my favorite places to do my holiday gift shopping is at National Pawn!

National Pawn

Consistency & Community

National Pawn was founded in North Carolina over 30 years ago by Bob Moulton.  As a resident of NC, Moulton has made it his mission to ensure that he consistently gives back to the community. National Pawn recently donated over 100 band instruments to a Greensboro school, and has donated more than 3,400 instruments and $60,000 in cash to performing arts programs across North Carolina since 2010! National Pawn has also supported the Boys & Girls Club of America by giving them the gift of technology: brand new computers, software, and staff training at various locations! I don’t know about you, but I have no problem spending money and supporting businesses that give back to the people who need it the most!

Location, Location

I know, I know. Pawn shops can often have a seedy reputation. Thanks to Hollywood (and crazy Reality TV) Pawn Shops can seem a little shady and dark (pun intended!)  National Pawn, however, is such a breath of fresh air! Their stores are soooo well lit, clean, and organized.  You can tell that National Pawn prides itself on the appearance of their store. Image is key, and rather than feeling like a pawn shop (where people typically go in their dire moments to make a quick buck), the overall feel is that of a retail department store! You are greeted the moment you walk in, and the staff is engaged and eager to assist you. All of the items are in clean display cases, there are no dark corners, and there is a natural flow to the setup.  National Pawn is located all over the state of North Carolina. You can find the location closest to you here!

David Johnson, Manager at the National Pawn at 2320 Battleground Ave. Greensboro, NC 27408


A Touch of Luxe

I am always excited about shopping at National Pawn due to the huge inventory of luxury items that line the shelves! The display cases are filled with authenticated Louis Vuitton bags, Michael Kors, Coach, Kate Spade…the list goes on and on! For those that don’t want to buy someone else’s used belongings, you’ll be pleased to know that National Pawn also stocks brand new items as they acquire them. But don’t sleep on used designer bags: According to Forbes, used designer bags hold their value! National Pawn uses Entrupy, a trusted authentication service that ensures any bag you purchase from them will be 100% legit!

I’m all about the luxury bags, but for holiday shopping, National Pawn has the entire family covered! There are so many great gifts ranging from luxe watches (Citizen, Rolex, Michael Kors), wallets, and gorgeous rings!

National Pawn


National Pawn
Solid leather Coach bear! How adorable!!!


All Things Home

Ok, so even I was surprised when I first shopped at National Pawn and saw that they had household tools and supplies available. Chainsaws and leaf blowers were even stocked on the shelves! They had a wide variety of Smart TV’s, and flat screens available, and a well stocked selection of DVD’s. I was shocked at the quality of the cameras they had. As a blogger, a DSLR camera is life, and they had some great ones (Cannon!) for under $300. Need a computer? You can grab a MacBook, or an HP for under the half the cost!

I was also impressed with the musical instruments that were in stock. While they don’t sell band instruments (due to the afore mentioned donations), there were numerous guitars, banjos, keyboards, and amps in stock. I won’t pretend I know a lot about guitars, but judging from all the customers who came in and were excitedly perusing the stock, I recommend that you visit National Pawn to find holiday gifts for the music lovers in your life!


National Pawn



I was able to score this gorgeous brown and black Coach handbag for my mother, courtesy of the gift card provided by National Pawn! (She adores Coach bags and leather goods!)

I’m excited for the Holiday Season, and thankful for stores like National Pawn, where I can get gifts for my entire family at half the cost! Be sure and visit a location near you, and leave me a comment below letting me know what you got! ??

*Thank you to National Pawn for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own*

See you next time!


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  1. Great gift ideas at such low prices

  2. This is genius idea! I never thought of holiday shopping at National Pawn. It’s like finding gem in thrift store. I’m a big Savers shopper and love to find good quality gifts for half of a price! Thanks for ideas!

  3. This looks like a great place to shop! I’m all about pawn shops. You can find the best things there at great deals.

  4. I love finding places where you can get great stuff at affordable prices.

  5. huge inventory of luxury items that line the shelves- this is all I need to know!

  6. I love the range of luxury bags in their collections. I donw mind used item at all as long as they are still good to use. I prefer recycle thing as it is not a waste and good to the environment.

  7. Would never in a million years considered a pawn shop until reading this!

  8. I have never bought anything from a Pawn shop before, we don’t have many here in India. Or maybe I am unaware of them. But I can imagine myself buying from them when the deal is great.

  9. I’ve never gotten anything from a pawn shop, I’m not 100% sure if we have them in the UK. But this looks like a great idea for doing some shopping.

  10. Goodness! Shopping at Pawn has to be super fantastic, right? I mean, there is so much to shop for in the beautiful mall and I really love those luxurious bags!

  11. I didn’t hear about this shop before, mainly because I don’t live in the states. Interesting concept though, who wouldn’t like to get their christmas shopping cheaper!

  12. I have never visited a pawn shop before. Who knew that they had such high end items?!?! I always figured they were filled with junk and shady people. YOu have opened my eyes!

  13. It does look like a very interesting place to shop! Especially high end item that are certified! At least you know you are buying real!

  14. I have never been to a pawn store . Your post has me intrigued though. May have to see what’s around here

  15. I wish there’s National Pawn here! I would love to shop there for me and my loved ones if I can get the items for half the cost..

  16. Looks like great place to shop for gifts for loved one. I don’t know here we have national pawn. I will check it out.

  17. I had no idea pawn shops sold so much stuff! They sound very handy!

  18. I’d definitely check for national pawn shop because I often have to buy gifts for others and it’d be a big relief for me if I buy gifts on half price 🙂

  19. really looks like great place to shop for gifts,,i really like that place. lovely post

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