How BTS Suga’s Collab Choices Are Redefining Girl Power!

There is a popular (and long-standing) phrase that “behind every man is a greater woman”, a truism that is no longer subject for debate at this point. Min Yoongi, also known as Suga, is a member of the global juggernaut BTS, and an insanely talented lyricist, composer, and producer. It is interesting and quite telling that, although his inboxes are likely flooded with requests from artists looking to team up, his most public and successful collaborations have been with women. Let’s take a look at a few of these musical pairings and the women behind these chart breaking hits!


Suran “Wine”

Suga scored a win at the 9th Melon Music Awards for producing a sexy R&B style banger that was heavy on flava but played nicely with Suran’s light and angelic vocals. Although the song lyrics themselves are a bit sappy (Suran reminisces over a past relationship with wine, and pleads with her lover not to go), in an interview with Naver, Suran stated that when working through the song creation process with Suga

“…I was having a hard time and feeling depressed”…”[through this process] I was able to gain strength and energy from working with him.”

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The proof to Suran’s claims were in the proverbial pudding. Bolstered by the success of this single, and from receiving multiple Daesang nominations, Suran went on to drop her first EP. All this from a woman who overcame breast cancer and a mastectomy. Girl power indeed!

Halsey “Suga’s Interlude”

Halsey teamed up with BTS on last year’s colossal hit “Boy With Luv.” Usually collabs are handled in a “I did you, now you do me” sorta fashion, so most were primed and ready for another Halsey x BTS outing. Halsey, in an unexpected twist, chose instead to work solely with Suga and the two crafted a hauntingly melodic and introspective piece on which they tackle heavy issues such as self-loathing, fear of falling from the top, and a loss of passion for their art. Suga’s lyrics fully support Halsey’s need to find resolve between having it all and giving it up. On a VLIVE interview, Suga discusses how he gave Halsey the beat, and together they worked on making it “more minimalistic.” Suga clearly does not shy away from involving women in his creative processes and respecting their contributions!

Heize “We Don’t Talk Together”

Heize, a popular singer/rapper/songwriter has often used her platform to support and portray an image of feminine strength and unity. It speaks volumes that she paired up with Suga to produce last summer’s breezy bop “We Don’t Talk Together”, on which Heize gives a unique perspective on a dying relationship. In true “girl power” fashion, Heize marches to the beat of her own drum in the accompanying music video, and parades around town with a skeleton (you know, to symbolize carrying the dead love affair). Of working with Suga, Heize stated that the experience “was really great. He was really nice.”

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Up Next: Suga x IU

New reports have surfaced that Suga will be teaming up with solo artist (and perennial OST fave) Lee Ji-Eun, or IU as she is professionally known. A representative of IU’s agency, EDAM Entertainment advised that “IU will be releasing a digital single…” produced by Suga… “on May 6th and she will also be releasing a music video along with her music.”

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At the time of this posting, details of the collaboration are still unknown, but judging from Suga’s track record, we can guess that he will produce a song that takes IU’s vocals and personality into full consideration!


Are you excited about the upcoming IU x Suga collab? Which collab has been your favorite so far? Let me know in the comments!



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