How Cool Can Your Home Be? 7 Innovation Ideas You Should Know

home innovation

Image by Pixabay from Pexels.

You have probably seen modern and creative interiors on reality shows, and you want to own a home just like that.

Buying land in your dream region is one of the most significant investments you can make in life, so it makes sense when you decide to build a home.

Generally, home innovation is a fantastic way to spice up your house and save money, time and energy at the same time. Moreover, you can add to your comfort and even increase your house’s value by innovating.

Here are seven ingenious home innovations you can use to improve and achieve your dream home.

Smart Home Devices

Smart, automated home devices are essential when refurbishing your home. This is because home devices like air conditioners can clarify energy usage, which can help you save a significant amount. In the end, you will have increased convenience.

Typically, a digital home environment will have a device hub such as Apple Siri or Amazon Alexa, which help you carry out day to day activities as the brain would. These devices can control a raft of home functions like door locks, lighting and robot cleaners through your smartphone or voice commands.

As for energy usage, you might want to use an in-home display. This is an interface that links with a power meter and highlights the electricity usage over time. The best thing is that you can tell when you are in a low, medium or high use period; hence you can decide what devices to use to avoid the highest tariffs.

Solar Power

If you live in sunny areas, solar power can be your solution to cut the fat from your energy bills. Most probably, solar panels are the first thing that comes to mind when connecting a solar system. However, there are other various options.

For starters, there is battery storage. During the daytime, solar panels can produce more electricity than you usually use. With a solar battery, you can efficiently store the excess energy, so your home can operate independently at night, and as a result, you will save energy costs.

The solar battery can also come in handy in a grid outage since you can use the saved energy.

Another device you can use for solar power is the evacuated tube solar. Water heating can take up to a quarter of energy costs in your home. But you can cut down the electricity cost by installing the evacuated solar system.

Buying a solar system can cost you a fortune, but luckily you can get a loan from Buddy Loans, which will help in purchasing the system; therefore, making the whole process convenient.

Flexible Spaces

Flexible spaces can take your home to a whole new level. Essentially, these are spaces that you can convert to serve various purposes.

Once you decide to build your home, determine whether you will want some agnostic rooms. This means that you can change your living room to a guest room, craft space or playroom, depending on your needs at the time.

You can also include sliding wall panels between or within some spaces to allow them to shrink or expand as needed.

Extra Storage

Extra storage is essential since you will not have cluttered space. Features like built-in bookshelves, walk-in closets and knee-wall dressers are recommended since you can maximize your storage capacity while reducing floor usage.

For instance, if you need a home workstation, you can build your space under your staircase or into a spare closet to have a workstation that you can tuck away when not in use.

If you are unsure, you can include a knee-wall dresser since it can fit beneath a sloped roof rafter, and usually, it does not exceed one meter. Furthermore, if it is not a load-bearing wall, you might want to cut it out and fix a chest of drawers in the space giving you drawer storage flush with your wall.

Underfloor Heating

This might not be a priority if you live in hot areas, but if it gets cold in your region, then you may want to consider adding underfloor heating in your house. Underfloor heating is an energy-saving way to have a warm space since it operates at lower temperature and needs less electricity.

Moreover, since it warms from the ground, there is less heat wasted.

There are two main sets of underfloor heating; electrical and hydronic. Before installing either, it will be wise to research their pros and cons. For instance, the hydronic is cheap and easy to run, whereas the electrical heater is the opposite.

Indoor Herb Garden

Other than adding beauty, there are many benefits of including indoor plants in your home. For instance, they can help clean the air making it cleaner and healthier to breathe, especially if you are asthmatic. As well, some individuals have attested that indoor plants brighten the mood in the home.

Today, planting indoor herb gardens with vertical gardens is trendy. Suppose you stack plants on open shelves, on a ladder or hang them from baskets. This will provide healthy and fresh herbs in your reach. As a result, you will save a lot since you will not go shopping.

Heat-Rejecting Windows

Include low-emissivity windows in your home. These are windows with glass panels coated in a film that is good at rejecting radiant heat. That is, it can reflect sunlight and keep your home from overheating if used for exterior windows.

The best thing about heat-rejecting windows is that you can save air conditioning expenses, and also, your furniture will fade slowly because of the blocked UV light.

With that said, if you want to install heat-rejecting windows, talk to a window expert first because low emissivity film is not appropriate for every household.


Everyone wants a classy and fabulous house. However, sometimes you cannot know what to look for or include for an elegant and refined home.

For a perfect home,  find the ideal people to renovate your house with all the stated features. Research and check various listings and select the one that fits you perfectly.



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  1. When it comes to smart home devices, I want to suggest such a great thing as a smart thermostat. Having this, you can manage your home remotely. So, you can lower the temperature in your home while you’re away, and raise it right before arrival. That helps to reduce energy consumption.

  2. Smart home devices are a good thing indeed in terms of controlling energy consumption. But as for air conditioners, the most common reason for them to consume more energy is dirty filters. They need to be replaced at least once every three months. But you can also consider installing washable filters. The initial cost of a reusable filter is high, but, according to this source, they are expected to last as long as the unit, around 15-20 years.

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  4. Yes, low-emissivity windows are absolutely a good investment! But since most options with low-e glass have coatings on both the inside and outside glass panes they also allow the glass to reflect heat back inside to reduce the heat lost from the interior to the exterior in the winter cold. Thus, by installing such windows, you save energy and money all year round.
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  5. Thank you Amber! I love ingenious home innovations you can use to improve and achieve your dream home. There are so many different ideas that I think it would be hard to choose which one to try. I also love that you included a picture of your old home with the new renovations.

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