How To Easily Spruce Up Your Home

spruce up your home

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Each time a new season approaches you may feel more inclined to have a good old tidy. It allows you to start afresh and feel that bit more organized, which is certainly a positive. So if you are in need of some quick DIY fixes then here is some inspiration to get you going so you can create your ideal home decor style.

Change The Furniture Around

A really easy but effective solution is to simply move your furniture around. You will be surprised at how easily you can create a new look simply by choosing a different layout for your furniture. So why not give this a go and see if you can come up with a fresh new look simply by swapping the furniture around your room. 

Add a Feature Wall Using Wallpaper 

Instead of painting the entire room you could make it look more interesting by wallpapering one of the walls instead. This will create a focal point in the room as well as add some color and texture to your feature wall. It will also be quicker to wallpaper one wall than it would be to paint the entire room. So it’s a great way to easily change the look and feel of the room without doing too much.

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Include Some New Lights 

Choosing good light fixtures can really make a difference to the room. You want to have light fixtures that are both useful but also add a nice touch to the room, design wise. You could buy a new light fixture and get your local electrician to install it, if the wiring is a little complicated, and also get some new lamp shades as well. This will allow you to add a pop of color to the room as well by opting for a brighter shade.

Declutter and Reorganize The Space

Having a good tidy enables you to sort through your possessions and decide what you can keep and what you can get rid of. It will create more space in your home and allow you to reorganize your possessions so that you can be more organized with where things are.

Upcycle and Reuse Your Unwanted Furniture 

If you do have some bits of furniture that you no longer use but are still in condition, then why not get a little creative with some paint and fabric and upcycle the item instead. It will prevent the furniture from going in the trash and will enable you to make something personal and unique to have in your home that will act as a nice ornament or centerpiece. It’s also enjoyable and relaxing to get a little creative too, so it’s certainly a good thing to try out.


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  1. Such a pretty post! Terrific round-up of ideas and inspiration! I especially love the idea of repainting unwanted furniture. There are a million colors to choose from luxurious black to fancy pink. But as for the option for the finish, I would recommend a semi-gloss one. Semi-gloss paint gives you a smoother surface than lower-sheen finishes and has a degree of shine, providing a visual contrast

  2. Thanks for posting this! I would also suggest putting some indoor plants all over the house. They can be a good addition to the interior. Besides, plants are good air purifiers.

  3. Good suggestions – thank you! I picked up some ideas for myself.

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